If Only I Were Rich…


If you follow me on Twitter you know that I find stuff randomly all day and post things that I “NEED” to own. I have a window shopping habit and I’m okay with this. But with that habit comes really truly wanting to own some of these things I find. Some are pricey, some are a dream, and some seem impossible to get/find, but I guess that is what wish lists are made of.



Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Crossbody: I love this bag so much. It is like the perfect length for a crossbody and sits on my hip perfectly. I wasn’t sold on the black hardware until I saw it in the store. I have my fingers crossed for it to show up for my birthday in August.

JCrew Cashmere Long Sleeve Tee-Shirt: I have wanted this for so so long. I love the color, I love that it is cashmere, I love that it is considered a “tee-shirt”. Basically I need it like yesterday.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull MM: You know how much I love my LV Speedy. I got that bag over a year and a half ago and have not purchased an every day bag (I have bought one clutch) since the Speedy came into my life.  But the Louis bug has now bitten and I have my eyes on this beauty. I mean look at it?? So perfect for travel.

Anna and the French Kiss (Indonesia): You’ve seen my collection. I have a fab gathering of foreign editions of my favorite book. This one is alluding me and I NEED IT!

Mac Book Air 11″ Herschel Case: I got a Mac Book last Christmas and I have been looking for a case/sleeve for it ever since. I’m obsessed with the color block combination of this one.

Alex and Ani Anchor Slider in gold: Currently I have 12 Alex and Ani bracelets. I have been looking for the perfect one to make it my favorite number 13 and I have found it. Love the look of this one. And if you know me you know my love of all things anchor. Yup, gotta have it.

JCrew Cashmere Hoodie: I have had my eye on a JCrew Cashmere hoodie for a few years now. Some day I will bit the bullet and buy one. Honestly I’m at the point that I don’t even care what color it is (as long as it is a color I can wear).

And there you have it. If I were rich I can promise you I would be shopping right now and buying everyone of these items. So tell me, what is currently on your wish list?

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Etsy Shopping…A New Addiction


Guys, I have a new addiction…Etsy Shopping! I can’t help it. Once upon a time I was mildly interested in the site. I would look at it and think they had some cool stuff. I would occasionally buy something as a gift for someone, but it has reached a whole new level. Etsy is now a scary addiction and I don’t want it to go away. 

I guess is started out simple enough. I wanted a custom stamp for my books and I found this seller and had this made.


From there it is all Hannah from So Obsessed With‘s fault. She took the blogging word by storm with her purchase of a Foxy Dori and we all became hooked at the fun, uniqueness of it and the potential to be able to organize out lives a little more.


Personally I ordered the Slim four strap in Dragon fruit with the straps in navy. I’m pretty much obsessed with it.foxy

So then naturally I needed to get some inserts for it that I could make my own so I found Yellow Paper House and bought 3 notebooks that I love.


And of course I need to make those 3 notebooks more my own so I took scrapbook paper I had around the house from my scrapbooking days and made them pretty. Although they are still a work in progress.


Then I needed a fun Paperclip to put inside my books. I did a lot of searching on this one and then I finally came across a really cute one that I went with. I may not be a coffee drinker but I do love tea so it works.


And my Foxy Dori was looking a little plain so I needed some kind of charm. I watched a YouTube video and I saw someone using a tassel they bought on Etsy so I went and checked it out. I ended up ordering lime green with a gold cap.


And finally that brings us to my newest purchase and the one I can’t wait to get the most. I mean as a book nerd it is epic and exciting and I ordered almost as soon as it was up. Say hello to my new Kindle cover that I got in purple.


So yes, I’m a Etsy Shopaholic and proud. Wonder what I will buy next???

Now tell me, do you buy all the things from Etsy?

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What’s in my Shopping Cart?


And given day if you check my shopping carts on line you will indeed find stuff in almost all of them. I love to add stuff and convince myself I will buy it only to talk myself out of it when I’m in the check out. It’s a habit that I don’t actually want to break. I like to see what I want all in one place, or on one sight anway. So what am I after these days? Well clothes, books and stuff for my new FoxyDori.


notepaper2     notepaper3





notepaper6     notepaper8


So, what is currently in your shopping carts on line?



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Recently Purchased

Recently Purchased

Since I had been on a shopping hiatus for the month of May and hadn’t really pulled a new shopping post together in the months before that, I thought I would take the time to show you the recent addition I have made to my closet and my technology love. It isn’t a whole lot, but it is something.

I had been hoping that my Stitch Fix would be my shopping for the month, but that was a pretty big bust (read about it HERE). Instead I found myself upgrading my iPhone 4S to the 5S in gold thanks to some prodding from friends. And of course with that kind of upgrade a new case needed to happen (although I may have bought the case before the phone and have 4 other cases at home that I have had for a month, but SHHH!). I was able to pick up the fun Vera Bradly case at the outlets so it was a fabulous price. Also on that trip I was able to pick up the adorable anchor belt which is 100% similar to the one in the picture. Found it at the Gap and it was less than marked so I scooped that up.

The dresses are more recent additions. I love the stripped one at the Loft when they were having a massive sale on line. It is long so it will need to be hemmed and it may be a tab big in the waist, but it was final sale so I will get the alterations done.  The other dress I picked up just last Tuesday at J Crew. It was normally $110 (insane right??!!) and it was on super sale so I got it for less than half off. And before I now need a new external charger for my phone, I got the fun printed one while I was there for under $15.00.

Finally the shoes. Oh how I love all my new shoes. The wedges I bought while I was no shopping in May. But in my defense I had a coupon and a gift card so it was no money out of my pocket. I’m only slightly obsessed with them and have worn them HERE. The ankle wrap ones are a J Crew Factory find. I had purchased them in red a while back and what 100% certain about them. But I wore them HERE for the first time and I was hooked. I love how they look with pants. I decided to see how much they were on line and was able to get them on super sale with another coupon on had so they ending up breaking the bank at a whopping $3.93! SOLD. And last but not least are the newest addition to my Sperry family. I blame Jessica at Bows & Sequins for this purchase and feeding my addiction to all things Sperry.

What have you recently added to your closet?

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J Crew Factory Current Wish List

Factory Lust
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you have probably heard that I am on a “no buy” for the month of May. I recently went through my closet and found that I have a little over an abundance of clothes. Okay, a lot. I have a ton of clothes. I didn’t really need anything new so I’m trying not to buy anything new. And as of my typing of this post I haven’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want things and that I don’t window shop. The other day I happened to find myself on Polyvore and this is what happened. I pretty much want all the things.
Have you ever done a “no buy” month when it comes to shopping? What’s the first thing you do when the month is over? Are you a window shopper? Share with me in the comments.
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