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On My Radar – July Releases (12)

On My Radar – July Relea..

It’s finally 90 in Boston…well for today and tomorrow anyway. And with 90s in June there is only one thing on my mind…July. July is one of my favorite months of the year. It is usually the tome when the weather is great and the books released are pretty fantastic and mostly quiet. There usually aren’t a ton of hype books released in July and that’s part of the reason I love books that come out then. You can find some great gems. Currently there are 16 books on my TBR that are released in July, but I’m focusing on […]

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2015 TBR Jar

2015 TBR Jar

My “to be read” pile is out of control. I have a full Kindle, stacks in my room, stacks on my book case, basically books every where. And I know there are more to come. I mean let’s be real. Sometimes I have so many books I feel completely overwhelmed with the process of picking a new book which then makes the pile continue to grow. Since I have so many great (???) books I want to read I needed to do something that made picking easier. People are really great when I go onto Twitter and ask what I […]

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