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What’s in My Bag? – Andi

What’s in My Bag? –..

Well we have reached the end my friend. You have seen Heather, Brandy, Emma and Angie‘s bags and now it is my turn. Some of it you have seen in my other What’s In My Bag? post back when I first started the blog, but some is new. Without further ado, my things: 1)      Marc by Marc Jacobs Travel Wallet: This was a gift from my aunt last year for being in her wedding and I basically use it as my real wallet in the summer. It’s perfect because it is so slim and compact. (no longer available) 2)      Sharpie […]

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What’s in My Bag? – Angie

What’s in My Bag? – Angie

Well we have checked in with Heather, Brandy, and Emma to see what they carry in their bags. Next up with have Angie. You may know Angie from a few guest posts she has done for me. Let’s see what she has in that bag of hers.   I am carrying my Lulu purse  (pic 1) today, bought at my favorite story JCPenny. I love it because I can carry everything including my iPad and work papers and it is still light weight. The blue color caught my eye and I took the picture open so you can see the […]

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What’s in My Bag? – Emma

What’s in My Bag? –..

So far we have checked in with Heather and Brandy to see what they carry around. Now it is Emma’s, from Miss Print, turn. What’s in my Bag? I’ve always wanted to do a post like this, so when Andi asked for guest posters I jumped at the chance. So here’s a picture of most of what’s in my bag at any given time: 1. Tic Tacs: I always carry breath mints of some sort because they’re handy after meals and also because I do not always travel well and sometimes having a mint helps. (The only downside is sometimes […]

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What’s in My Bag? – Brandy

What’s in My Bag? –..

Last week you got to see what was in Heather’s Michael Kors bag. And now we have Brandy showing us what she toes around. 1.) Vera Bradley  Mandy bag in Lemon parfait 2.) Vera Bradley  Euro waller in Lemon parfait 3.) Neutrogena powder 4.) Hair band 5.) WV nail file 6.) Aquafina Lip Balm in Raspberry 7.) Domino (I rec’d on my last day Sr yr in HS from 1 of my favorite teachers.) 8.) Keys w/ keychains: WVU, New England Patriots, Myrtle Beach (gift from my nephew), & a picture of Me with Hinder. 9.) Vera Bradley  checkbook cover in Lemon […]

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What’s in My Bag? – Heather

What’s in My Bag? –..

When I first started the blog back in January I did a post on What’s in My Bag? that seemed to interest some people. It was fun to do and a nice way to see what kind of stuff people carry around with them. And that is exactly what I asked some of my ABCers if they would want to participate in my new series. I got a pretty great response, and I thank you for that. So without further ado, I give you my first participant: Heather. 1)  MICHAEL Michael Kors Kempton Small Tote:  One of my friends asked […]

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