You’ve Been Pinned – Fun Pinners

Last Friday I shared with you some of my most used Pinterest boards. Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Pinners.

I admit that I don’t usually go through people’s Pinterest boards often. I stick to the main page that is filled with “Pins for Me”. But when I’m on that page I will see pins from some of my favorites and know right away who pinned them. Each of the accounts below have a board or two that I’m obsessed with but in the interest of time I thought I would just share the account as a whole.

Now tell me, who are some of your favorite pinners? Who should I be following that I’m not?

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You’ve Been Pinned

I’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest pinning lately. I find it so soothing to look at cards and clothes and home decor and food and just pin away. It’s fun to see the looks people create, the cards they make and the recipes I will almost always fail at.

Not all of my boards see a lot of action. Some I use more than others especially these days. Below are some of my most used boards with all my most recent pins.

This is my most used card idea board. I pin all sorts of cards there that may say birthday or thank you or celebrate but can be used as a general design. As you can see I’m hugely into the flower card design.

This is the birthday card board. Again some of these designs can be used as a general card, but the are almost always birthday themed. Cupcakes and balloons are some of my favorites.

When I come across an outfit I like you will find it here. Sometimes there will be things that I will never wear personally, but I love the way the person styled it or how it looks on them…hence the title Style Envy.

I 100% can’t cook. I’m a cooking failure. But I like to save recipes for things that look good in hopes of finding someone to actually cook it for me.

I’m also pretty terrible at baking for the most part. I can manage to do a thing or two, but nothing really fancy. Basically this board is just to make my sweet tooth happy.

I love seeing how people decorate their homes and their style and color combinations. I will never be that person so I live through this board.

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail board?! Seriously, I could probably mange to make these drinks. That is one things I wouldn’t screw up…I don’t think.

See anything you like? Come follow me on Pinterest so we can share pins!

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