Review: Part of Your World – Abby Jimenez

Review: Part of Your World ..

It is simple as this…Abby Jimenez’s name is on it, I’m going to read it. I fell in love with Abby’s books with her debut The Friend Zone and that love has only grown. For a long time The Happily Ever After Playlist was my favorite Abby book, but after reading Part of Your World, that has changed. With this book Abby has completely outdone herself. The story is perfect, the writing is awesome, and the swoon is hardcore. It was pure perfection. Part of Your World feels like Schitt’s Creek in book form. It’s the story of Alexis, a […]

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12 Months of Romance – April {giveaway}

12 Months of Romance – A..

Each month I will create a post with one book that is releasing that particular month. It may be a review, it may just be an information post. It may be a guest review. All I know for sure is that it will include a giveaway from that book and at the end of the year there will be a giveaway where one winner can pick from all 12. That is 13 chance to win a romance in 2022! ~ 12 Months of Romance – Introduction New month, new book for 12 Months of Romance! Make sure you scroll down to […]

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Review: This May End Badly – Samantha Markum

Review: This May End Badly ..

Do you ever read a book and it stays in your head for months after? So much in fact that you already want to read it again? That is what happen to me with Samantha Markum’s debut book, This May End Badly. It was exactly the kind of YA contemporary book I love to read. Simply put the book was a joy and I loved every minute of it. This May End Badly is the story of Doe, a proud student of The Weston School, an all girl school she has been attending. She wears her school like a badge […]

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Review: The Wedding Crasher – Mia Sosa

Review: The Wedding Crasher &#..

I was introduced to Mia Sosa in 2019 when a friend was talking about The Worst Best Man. My friend was talking about how amazing the book was, so I read it as soon as I could and realized how right she was. Sosa writes charming and entertaining books that you can’t help to want more. So reading The Wedding Crasher was a no brainer and I’m happy to report It had the exact same level of charm and romcom vibe as The Worst Best Man. The Wedding Crasher starts with Solange agrees to help her cousin with wedding planning […]

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Monthly TBR – March Wrap/April 2022

Monthly TBR – March Wrap..

New year, new TBR list look. I have tweaked my list some from last year. I stuck with the 12 book format and the one TBD spot, but I have added in a ReRead and a Kindle Unlimited space (if you want to see why, go to this posts HERE). Like last year, this isn’t a set in stone list and I will freely move away from it, but it is a loose plan. March started off as a slow reading month. I recently got really into watching KDRAMAS on Netflix and that has taken some reading time. But I […]

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