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Welcome to the newest feature on Andi’s ABCs, Book a Date, a post about something you are excited for that is releasing in the future. It can be a TV show, a movie (in the theater or out on DVD), a clothing line, a video game, a graphic novel, and of course a book. Actually it can be anything you want.  If you would like more information or would like to sign-up you can click HERE.

Who booked a date this week? Tiff from Mostly YA Lit.


Hi guys, I’m excited to tell you all about my Book a Date – which kind of ties into Andi’s date from a few weeks ago. Andi talked about her upcoming trip to New York with Gail from Ticket to Anywhere…but it never would have happened without MY Book a Date (Ha, Andi, did you even know this?!).

A few years ago, I heard inklings that there might be a musical made from the 1997 Fox animated movie Anastasia.

Anastasia has the distinction of being one of the most underrated animated movies I’ve ever seen (and I’m not the only one who thinks this). It has an incredible soundtrack, an interesting story (very loosely based on the Romanovs of Imperial Russia), and one of the best hate-to-love romances ever. I loved it when I was an early teen, and I’m not ashamed to say that I sing all of the songs whenever I’m at karaoke.


Late last year, I heard that the musical was being brought to Broadway! I immediately asked around to see who was interested in going. Answer? Tons of people. But the one who was most interested was Gail.

And we were both even more intensely interested when we saw this preview of stars Christy Altomare and Derek Klena singing some of the songs.

So when I found out I got a media pass to Book Expo America in New York, I immediately contacted Gail and discussed the possibility of going to see it during that week. Gail made it a weekend and invited Andi. And now I get to see two of my fave bloggers in one of my favorite cities.


And of course, just as exciting, I get to see this production of Anastasia on Broadway in its initial run on June 2nd. I’ve heard that they’ve updated the story (thank goodness they’re actually giving weight to the Russian revolution), and I’m excited to see that. There are new songs and new characters. I really feel like this is going to be better than the movie I loved as a child, and I can’t wait to see one of my favorite stories come to life in a bigger, better way.

So tell me: Have you guys seen Anastasia the movie? Would you be interested in seeing the musical? Would you book this date?


Thanks Tiff for Booking a Date!

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You’ve Been Pinned

I’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest pinning lately. I find it so soothing to look at cards and clothes and home decor and food and just pin away. It’s fun to see the looks people create, the cards they make and the recipes I will almost always fail at.

Not all of my boards see a lot of action. Some I use more than others especially these days. Below are some of my most used boards with all my most recent pins.

This is my most used card idea board. I pin all sorts of cards there that may say birthday or thank you or celebrate but can be used as a general design. As you can see I’m hugely into the flower card design.

This is the birthday card board. Again some of these designs can be used as a general card, but the are almost always birthday themed. Cupcakes and balloons are some of my favorites.

When I come across an outfit I like you will find it here. Sometimes there will be things that I will never wear personally, but I love the way the person styled it or how it looks on them…hence the title Style Envy.

I 100% can’t cook. I’m a cooking failure. But I like to save recipes for things that look good in hopes of finding someone to actually cook it for me.

I’m also pretty terrible at baking for the most part. I can manage to do a thing or two, but nothing really fancy. Basically this board is just to make my sweet tooth happy.

I love seeing how people decorate their homes and their style and color combinations. I will never be that person so I live through this board.

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail board?! Seriously, I could probably mange to make these drinks. That is one things I wouldn’t screw up…I don’t think.

See anything you like? Come follow me on Pinterest so we can share pins!

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Review: When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon

Review: When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya MenonWhen Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
Published by Simon Pulse
on May 30th 2017
Format: ARC
Source: Borrowed
Amazon, Goodreads

A laugh-out-loud, heartfelt YA romantic comedy, told in alternating perspectives, about two Indian-American teens whose parents have arranged for them to be married.

Dimple Shah has it all figured out. With graduation behind her, she’s more than ready for a break from her family, from Mamma’s inexplicable obsession with her finding the “Ideal Indian Husband.” Ugh. Dimple knows they must respect her principles on some level, though. If they truly believed she needed a husband right now, they wouldn’t have paid for her to attend a summer program for aspiring web developers…right?

Rishi Patel is a hopeless romantic. So when his parents tell him that his future wife will be attending the same summer program as him—wherein he’ll have to woo her—he’s totally on board. Because as silly as it sounds to most people in his life, Rishi wants to be arranged, believes in the power of tradition, stability, and being a part of something much bigger than himself.
The Shahs and Patels didn’t mean to start turning the wheels on this “suggested arrangement” so early in their children’s lives, but when they noticed them both gravitate toward the same summer program, they figured, Why not?

Dimple and Rishi may think they have each other figured out. But when opposites clash, love works hard to prove itself in the most unexpected ways.

Originally, When Dimple Met Rishi wasn’t on my radar. To be honest I hadn’t even heard of the book. Somehow it managed to slip right past my contemporary romance love detector. Luckily I have a very kind friend that read it, told me about it, and lent it to me. And let me tell you, thank goodness for this friend because without her I would have missed a really great book with a fantastic group of characters and a story to back it all up.

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot of Dimple and Rishi’s culture, arranged marriages, family obligations. I truly don’t, and that is part of what drew me to the book to begin with. I love learning more about those things while reading a truly great contemporary romance.  And Sandhya Menon did exactly that. She let me see a little but about a culture that is very different from my own and made me understand a little more about the arranged marriage tradition that I didn’t understand before. Seeing it through the eyes of two teens, on opposite sides of the matter, really was a great way to do it.

Because honestly Rishi and Dimple couldn’t have been any more different. They were 100% the other’s opposite. Rishi was all for tradition and family obligations while Dimple wanted to be free and make her own choices and not be weighed down by something she felt was out of her control. But as the story progressed and Dimple and Rishi got to know each other something amazing happened. They both started to grow-up and think about compromise and what was important to them and if they could both have what they wanted. They learned about being an adult from one another and the choices they were making for their future and I LOVED that. I loved that there was no right or wrong answer and that they learned that.

Honestly there isn’t much I didn’t love about When Dimple Met Rishi. I thought all the extra side stories were a little distracting and just that, extra. But I truly did enjoy this story of two people deciding what was right for them even if it went against everything they believed to be true. It was truly swoony to watch these two get to know each other and learn what it is like to be with someone. That is what When Dimple Met Rishi was to me, an amazing story of growing up. Definitely pick this book up. It will become a fave.

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Book a Date – Lauren from Bookmark Lit

Welcome to the newest feature on Andi’s ABCs, Book a Date, a post about something you are excited for that is releasing in the future. It can be a TV show, a movie (in the theater or out on DVD), a clothing line, a video game, a graphic novel, and of course a book. Actually it can be anything you want.  If you would like more information or would like to sign-up you can click HERE.

Who booked a date first? Lauren from Bookmark Lit


Hi friends! I’m so excited to be the first official guest on Andi’s new Book a Date feature! I feel like I’m always counting down the days until something, so it was actually kind of hard to choose what I wanted to highlight! There’s a Lego convention in May, big live events in late June, summer weather that leads to reading outside on the porch and going for hikes… seriously, so many things! I decided to go with…

The month of September!

 fall autumn leaves winnie the pooh blustery GIF

So yes, clearly I didn’t narrow it down too much. September is my favorite month of the year for a whole litany of reasons. I love fall in general because the weather is perfect, I can still enjoy coffee on the porch in the morning without being too cold, and all of the other reasons below!

Football Season

NFL nfl yes okay ok GIF

The number one reason I love September is because it’s the real, official start of football season. If you know anything about me, you probably know how absolutely obsessive I am about football (and the Carolina Panthers in particular). The whole year can be football season if you try hard enough! I mark free agency, the draft, OTAs, training camp, and preseason on my calendar just to count down one event closer to the biggest one: the first game and weekend of the season. This kicks off September in the best way possible, usually within a few days of my birthday. This season is particularly special because my team has a lot to prove. After a nearly perfect 2015 season and a very disappointing 2016 season, everyone is wondering if they can get back into a better rhythm. On top of that, two of my all-time favorite players are returning to the team – Julius Peppers and Captain Munnerlyn. Peppers is particularly special for me and the team because the Panthers drafted him in 2002. He spent his high school, college, and early pro football years in the Carolinas; it’s home for him. He’s a very experienced player who likely has 1-2 years left, but this ensures he’ll retire a Panther (as he should). I’m SO EXCITED to break out my original #90 jersey to wear because he’s taking his old number back.

My Birthday

 birthday the office it is your birthday it is your birthday period GIF

As I mentioned, football season usually starts within a few days of my birthday – September 9th. I’m a huge fan of my birthday even as I get older. It’s a weird one this year because I’ll be 26, officially off my parents’ insurance, and forced into my LATE twenties. (I know this is nothing to complain about, but it still feels weird to me!) I usually will go out to dinner with my boyfriend and friends, plus spend the rest of the week celebrating with my family members. I’ll have probably 3-4 birthday dinners and events if I play my cards right 😉 Above you can see the Dave & Busters night with two of my best friends and the birthday pizza I NEEDED last year. I mean, I always need pizza though…

My Anniversary

Chris and I celebrate our 5th anniversary this year on September 16th. It’s really insane to think we’ve been together for so long! It was right after my 21st birthday that he officially ~asked me out~ in front of a lady’s buttrcack at the Big E (a huge fair in Massachusetts). The first few years, we would celebrate our anniversary by going back to the Big E and getting fair food. The last two, however, we decided to keep it low-key and go to the sushi restaurant where we had our first date. I like doing something somewhat sentimental, but we’re not fancy people and don’t care about doing anything crazy. We always talk about how we should take a trip or something instead. We’ll see what this year brings for activities! We aren’t going to be home in Connecticut for our anniversary regardless so I hope there will be a new tradition to help us celebrate.

Fall Weather and Activities

I’m a huge pumpkin fan. The pie, the coffee/lattes, the activities (like picking them in a patch)… you name it, I love it. We always make it a point to participate in New England-esque activities in the fall. Above, you can see pictures from our last autumn together. We went pumpkin picking before Halloween and then spent the rest of the season going on beautiful hikes. We only recently started getting into hiking and totally regret that we started late in the fall season. I hope we can kick it off throughout the summer (weather and heat pending!) but it’s always nicer in the falltime when the leaves are changing. I’m hoping to do apple picking this year as well. We live in the best region for these activities! I love the flannel shirts and cozy sweaters so much.

Fair Season

I talked a little about the Big E above. It’s a huuuuuge fair that comes around in Mass in September and goes through October. Chris and I love hitting up new fairs across Connecticut each September. There are a few each weekend and everything is only a couple of hours away from us (at most). I love fair food, especially mini donuts and sausage and pepper sandwiches. We usually don’t do anything except eat and MAYBE go on the ferris wheel. We tried out two new fairs last year and I hope we can continue with exploring new events around us in September 2017 too. I apparently never take photos at fairs because I had to go back to 2013 to find these, but you get the idea. Mini donuts for life.

That’s it for me! As you can tell, I love the beginning of fall and all of the activities that start in September. I love October too for Chris’s birthday and the beginning of listening to Christmas music (yep, I start listening on Halloween). I’m really just a big fan of the second half of the year. The weather is nicer without being too hot, I get to do the outdoor things I enjoy, and Christmas is right around the corner. I know it’s barely April, but I can’t wait for September!

NFL football nfl panthers carolina panthers GIF

I can’t resist putting another Panthers gif on Andi’s blog 🙂


Panthers gifs aside, thanks Lauren for Booking a Date!

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Top Ten Tuesday – Unique Books

I don’t read a lot of unique books. I typically know what I like and it is usually what I stick to. Every now and then I will try a book on a recommendation or based on a rating someone gave it or even sometime just because it sounds interesting or I liked the author. Some of these books have been huge hits with me and some a sad miss. But they are all unique in some way. How are they unique? There is POV, writing style (one book is in verse which I learned is not for me), topic, language used, or the story in general. They all brought something new to my reading history and I will forever be grateful for that.

After the Kiss – Terra Elan McVoy

The Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein

Pure – Terra Elan McVoy

Push – Sapphire

Uglies – Scott Westerfeld

Grave Mercy – Robin LaFevers

Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma

Glow – Amy Kathleen Ryan

Small Town Sinners – Melissa Walker

Bumped – Megan McCafferty

What have been the most unique books you have read? Have you read any of the 10 above?

*Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish

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