Monopoly Money Monday

…and Red Sox home opener!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! And yes, I’m going to the game today. 🙂

With that said I decided to do another take on Monopoly Money Monday and mix things up a tad. I picked one item. Infact I picked this item:


What, I’m excited, it’s opening day!

As I was saying, I took this one item, priced at $50.00 (a huge chunk of my $100.00 budget) and created three different looks with it. It was fun, it was a challenge, it made me want this shirt even more  then I did before. Let;s say if the Sox win and it is still available after my no shopping ban is up, this bad boy will be mine! Anyway, here you go:

RS Look #1

RS Look #1 by andiabcs featuring old navy

RS Look #2

RS Look #2 by andiabcs featuring a striped tote bag

RS Look #3

RS Look #3 by andiabcs featuring cross-body bags

Fun right? Which one did you like best? Oh, and GO RED SOX!

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Second Chance Sunday – So I’m a Double Threat by Julie Prestsater

Today’s Second Chance Sunday is So I’m a Double Threat, a self published book I found 2 years ago that I just fell in love with. And in the terms of full disclosure I’m going to come right out and say that Julie is a friend of mine. I want that on the record. But I also want it on the record that I didn’t become friends with Julie until after I found her book/series/books and loved them. Since then I have been privy to ARCs of her stories, the pleasure of writing the description for them, and I was even written into the series. But really The Double Threat series is just a fun read that makes you happy you aren’t in high school anymore and makes you want to feel those sparks when you are just falling in love all over again. Alex…I want to choke you sometimes, but I still ♥ you to pieces!

Title: So I’m a Double Threat (Double Threat series) [Amazon]
Author: Julie Prestsater [website]
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Self Published – Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Source/Type: Purchashed/eBook
Stars: 5 out of 5

Megan Miller, a freshman at Carver High and a Double Threat, the perfect combination of smart and popular. She’s got the grades, she’s got the friends, and she’s got the connections. Freshman year should be a breeze, but it’s not. How can it be when you have boys, boys and boys on the brain. And really only one in particular. Alex Aguilar…the boy of Meg’s dreams. They met at a party and Meg’s whole world shifted. The spark was there, there was no denying it. But could that spark lead to more? Can a Senior and Freshman really make a go of it no matter what kind of connection they share? Or will outside circumstances ruin not only Meg’s Freshman year, but her chance at hooking the guy of her dreams. Being a Double Threat is supposed to make you special, but is it worth it if you don’t get your crush?

My Thoughts:
What to say about this book?!?! I mean really, what can I say about a book that makes me smile months after reading it! I loved it, just completely loved it.

I had had my NOOK for only a few months when I started to get into reading YA books. Anyway I was scanning the books available when I came across So I’m a Double Threat. The subject seemed interesting enough and the price couldn’t be beat so I got it. Well THANK GOODNESS I DID! This book was seriously awesome! It has everything a good YA book should have to keep a reader interested.

You start with a core group of girls that are best friends and starting their freshman year. They are nervous and excited and aware of the fact that things are going to change…and change they do. Instead of it being just them, boys get added to the mix and then everything is different. They all of a sudden find themselves having to navigate through not only the pressures of school but back stabbing, crushes, fights, uncertainties and Moms that are obsessed with NKOTB(not that I can blame them! :-)) and Ryan Seacrest. As time progresses they find their groove and their place, but things are forever different.

As there are many characters in this amazing story of growing up, Meg and Alex are my favorites. They start as uncertain acquaintances, morph into friends and then go from there. Watching all the shifts in their relationship was so fun and nerve wracking and left me wanting more and still does.

Julie Prestsater crafted such an amazing story that I instantly fell in love and makes me want more. And honestly sometimes makes we wish I was back in high school. I said sometimes. 😉

A definite must read! Do it! You won’t be disappointed!

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Prep Squad

Prep Squad

So if you know me you know I’m obsessed with all  things anchor and have a hankering for preppy items. I love a good stripe and even better Sperry and an adorable polo. With that said I thought I would put some outfits ides together for the prepster hidden inside each and everyone of us.

Errand Prep

Errand Prep by andiabcs featuring j crew

Weekend Prep

Weekend Prep by andiabcs featuring a striped dress

Work Prep

Work Prep by andiabcs featuring a denim jacket

What is your go to preppy style piece?

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Suprising Shoe Style

Another request was placed upon me to style some shoes that aren’t typical. The shoes sent weren’t available on Polyvore so I took the brand instead and used the shoes that were and styled them below. Now I must admit that this was a huge challenge as these shoes aren’t 100% my style. but it was also fun to see what I could come up with.


Bootie by andiabcs featuring a zipper bag

blue toe

blue toe by andiabcs featuring vintage leather bags


Velvet by andiabcs featuring rebecca minkoff

How would you style a pair of quirky shoes?

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Review: Unravel Me – Tahereh Mafi



Title: Unravel Me(Shatter Me Series) [Amazon]
Author:  Tahereh Mafi [website]
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Paranormal
Source/Type: Gifted/Paperback
Stars: 5 of 5

Publisher Description:
it’s almost
time for war.

Juliette has escaped to Omega Point. It is a place for people like her—people with gifts—and it is also the headquarters of the rebel resistance.

She’s finally free from The Reestablishment, free from their plan to use her as a weapon, and free to love Adam. But Juliette will never be free from her lethal touch.

Or from Warner, who wants Juliette more than she ever thought possible.

My Thoughts:
Not gonna lie, I was scared to read this after I skimmed some reviews and saw I was in for a roller coaster of emotions. And after all the twist and turns in Shatter Me I knew Mafi wasn’t going to let us off easy. Not to mention the rumblings about a certain chapter 62. But even with all that said, I was dying to read this one. So I put on my big girl panties and dived in. And man was I ever shattered, destroyed and unraveled. Mafi killed me with this book and I loved every painful minute.

Unravel Me continues right where we left off in Shatter Me. Juliette, Adam and Kenji are now with the people of Omega Point lead by Castle. Since arriving at the secret headquarters of the resistance and meeting people with gifts like her, Juliette has been trying to learn how to use her gift and what her gift means. But as Juliette begins to get a handle on her power everything else in her life begins to fall apart. Now Juliette is stuck between deciding with her heart, with her needs and with her life just what is important to her and with the reemergence of Warner things become a whole lot more complicated than she ever could have imagined.

I was so frustrated reading this book. I felt like everything that I didn’t want to happen happened and yet everything that happened left me wanting more. I was a jumble of contradicting emotions and that was the case from beginning to end. Juliette made some choices I just didn’t like nor did I understand on the surface, but then when I would think about them deeper I could see where she was coming from and why she reacted the way she did.  Did I like it, most of the time no, but I understood it.  I also completely understood where Adam was coming from. Adam goes through a major transition in this book and it isn’t easy on him, on his friends, on anyone. Everything he thought he knew about himself is different somehow and he is grasping at ways to make things right. I think that is what broke me the most. I hated a lot of the Adam and Juliette parts but I loved them just the same because I got it and it made sense to me.

What doesn’t make sense is Warner. I’m going on the record as saying I don’t like him. I didn’t like him in Shatter Me and I really didn’t like him in Unravel Me. When I read the brief eBook Destroy Me which was solely focused on him, I liked him a little more because I thought I understood a little more about him. But I was wrong because all Warner showed me in this book is that he is selfish, self-serving and has a sick, creepy obsession with Juliette. He was completely manipulating everyone around him and that left a bad taste in my mouth and the fact that Juliette felt the way she did about him left a bad taste in my mouth.  Because the thing is it is easy to say Warner is the way he is because…<insert any reason>. But the truth of the matter for me is that he is the way he is because he chooses to be that way and I just can’t get behind him as a character because of that. The only reason my feelings on Warner didn’t lower my rating on this book is because I do have feelings on him. He is an awesome villain, simple as that. Without him you would just have a pretty book with gorgeous words and an adorable couple. Warner brings the conflict which is needed, but I also think he needs to grow up and become likable if I’m supposed to root for him.

With all that said Unravel Me is a poetically written story about uncertainty and your world being ripped apart leaving nothing the same. Mafi brings the exact same magic she brought to Shatter Me and give you twist after twist after twist that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Your heart will be trampled on and then ridden over again with a bus that has nails in its tires, but it is well worth the distress if even for the beauty. If you like angst then this is bar far the book/series for you. Can’t wait for the conclusion.

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