Author: Helena Hunting

Review: Meet Cute – Helena Hunting

Review: Meet Cute – Hele..

I have only read a few books by Helena Hunting. I never really found my connection with her until I read The Good Luck Charm. I really enjoyed that one more than the first book I read by her. Because of my success reading The Good Luck Charm I was interested in reading Meet Cute and seeing if that one would be a hit as well. I’m happy to say that Meet Cute was not only a hit with me, but it is also my current favorite book by this author. Meet Cute is a fun rom-com(ish) book about Kailyn […]

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Briefly Romantic (2)

Briefly Romantic (2)

Today for Briefly Romantic I’m reviewing a cowboy romance, a radio jockey romance and a hockey romance. Nothing like a variety of professions to bring on the romance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Big Bad Cowboy is 100% a mix of fairytale magic and You’ve Got Mail all in one little book package. It was a really fun story but a tad heavier in the serious aspect than some of the other romance books I have read in the past. Travis and Maggie had fantastic chemistry and I loved little Henry. He was a nice addition of comic relief a lot of the […]

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