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Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend – Kasie West

Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend ..

I’m attempting to switch up my review style. Welcome to my first attempt at My ABCs of the Book. Let me know what you think about it and if you would change anything. I’m trying to keep it fresh as writing reviews can get stale if you don’t try something new. One sitting. That’s how long it took me to read The Fill-In Boyfriend. Once I started it I couldn’t bring myself to stop. It was quintessentially Kasie West. It was light and fun, but also had a depth to it. The Fill-in Boyfriend has the feel of a great […]

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Review: On the Fence – Kasie West

Review: On the Fence – K..

Just when I think I can’t love Kasie West any more than I already do she goes and writes a book like On the Fence and I have to find a way to love her more. She completely nailed it with this one. She got the humor, the seriousness, and the uncertainty and the fear of growing up down to perfection. I laughed, quite a lot actually, and I teared up. Honestly it was everything I hoped for and more. On the Fence is about Charlie, a tomboy with three older brothers, a cop for a dad, and a next […]

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Review: Split Second – Kasie West

Review: Split Second – K..

If you know me, you know my borderline obsession with Pivot Point. It was one of my favorite reads of 2013. It was quirky and clever and just really well done. I was the epitome of book bully and told everyone to read it. And then an amazing friend got me a copy of Split Second to borrow and read early. After freaking out in excitement I read the book and came to one conclusion. I legit have a fangirl crush on Kasie West. Split Second was fantastic. Just fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. Fair warning, read Pivot Point before reading any […]

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Review: Pivot Point – Kasie West

Review: Pivot Point – Ka..

I can’t even put into words my love of this book. I honestly feel like saying it was amazing is doing a disservice to it. Amazing is so over used, for me anyway, when talking about a book. But I can’t think of anything else to really use to describe Pivot Point. To say I fell in love with is it a huge understatement, and reading this book proved to me that I need to read/find more books like it. Like Parallel by Lauren Miller, I am completely enthralled with the concept West used in this creatively told novel about […]

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