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Book Love – All in Pieces Paperback Release

Book Love – All in Piece..

When I fall in love with a book I fall hard. If I love it I want you to love it too. I like to get the word out for it, I like people to know it exists, I like suggesting people pick it up and read it. It’s just who I am as a reader and a book lover. Actually I’m like that with anything I love. I like to push and if I get even one person to fall the same way then I feel like I have accomplished something. That’s my goal today. About a year ago […]

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Waiting For…

Waiting For…

I’m aware it is only July of 2017. In my mind I know there are plenty of books coming out in the next months that I am desperate to read. But if I’m honest I keep looking at my 2018 book list on Goodreads and getting all the book envy. There are so many books coming out in 2018 and I’m dying for them all. I mean there is the given, the 7th book in the Throne of Glass series and the announce 4th book in the ACOTAR series, plus the Meet Cute compilation, but there are some series that […]

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Review: The Adjustment – Suzanne Young

Review: The Adjustment –..

I feel like I say this all the time, but Suzanne Young is a master. She amazes me every time I read a new book in The Program series with the genius way she writes the books and connects them. She has this ability to take a detail you don’t even think is important and making it into something you never expected in this series. She did it in all 4 of the other books I have read, and The Adjustment is no different. It’s hard to really talk about Tatum and Weston’s stories without giving too much away. The […]

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A Year in Reading: 5 Star Reads

A Year in Reading: 5 Star Read..

Since January 1st I have read 28 books. 6 of those books have been 5 star rereads, 4 have been unrated as of yet, and 12 have fallen somewhere in between. But in all 28 of those books I have managed to read 6 new books that I have loved so much I have given them 5 stars. Most of these books aren’t out yet (mostly summer releases), one will be out a week from tomorrow, and one came out last year. Truthfully though I’m thrilled that 21% of my reading for 2017 has included new 5 star books.  Since […]

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On My Radar – The Program Series (7)

On My Radar – The Progra..

If there is one series I think everyone needs to read/have on their radar it is The Program series by Suzanne Young. My love for this series, and Suzanne Young, started back in 2013 only a month after The Program was released. I was completely blown away by the story and the care that Suzanne took with telling it.  It was a story that made me think and made me fall in love with a group of characters that I never expected to be so dear to me. The series isn’t written as your typical series. Each story is a […]

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