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Review: The Devil You Know – Trish Doller

Review: The Devil You Know ..

What a story! I mean seriously, WHAT A STORY! It’s no surprise really that I loved this. It is Trish Doller after all. But I was scared because it was a slight departure from her other two books I read and loved. (Just look at the cover, that is creeptastic!) Still there was no way I wasn’t reading it even with that small fear. And good thing I did. The book was so good! It had the contemporary parts that we know and love from Trish but also had that end of your seat mystery aspect. Loved it. The Devil […]

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Blog Tour: Casting Couch for Lion Heart – A.C. Gaughen {Giveaway}

Blog Tour: Casting Couch for L..

  I’m really happy to be a part of the Lion Heart tour. I was a little late to the series but I fell in love with it and its characters. Author AC Gaughen took a familiar story and made into something that was real and honest and gave us an amazing heroine to boot. My review for the book will be posting at a later date (with Scarlet and Lady Thief), but for today we have the lovely Ms. Gaughen guest posting and she is casting her books and I’m really excited to share it with you!   Casting […]

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Blog Tour: The Last Good Day of the Year – Jessica Warman {GIVEAWAY}

Blog Tour: The Last Good Day o..

For this blog tour I was asked to plan my perfect day. At first I thought, piece of cake. A perfect day, done and done. But then I started getting all the ideas and started to panic and had no idea what direction to head in. Is my perfect day at a pool? Is it on vacation? Is it just reading my books? Is it shopping? I got so confused and overwhelmed I almost just said Come on, you know I HAD to go there. Anyway, when I really  thought about it I came up with a compromise of all […]

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Review: Apple and Rain – Sarah Crossan

Review: Apple and Rain –..

A friend of mine read this one and gushed about it so I took a chance and picked it up. Honestly I wasn’t sure what I expected. I thought the description sounded very interesting and pretty emotionally intense. But honestly I never expected Apple & Rain to hurt my heart the way that it did. And for it to make me as angry it did at a parent. Apple & Rain is the story of 14 year old Apple, a girl that has lived with her grandmother for 11 years, since her mother took off from England to the United […]

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Soulprint Blog Tour – What would you want to be reincarnated as?

Soulprint Blog Tour – Wh..

I think about this on occasion. When there is like 4 feet of snow outside, when I don’t want to go to work, when I don’t want to pay my bills. I mean, what would I want my soul to be in another life? There are tons of possibilities. Tons of answers I could have come up with. But when it comes down to it there is only one this I could think of wanting to be. Cats seriously have the BEST life. They sleep all day. They LOVE to snuggle.   They get their hair brushed for them.   […]

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