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Review: Replica – Lauren Oliver

Review: Replica – Lauren..

As a massive Lauren Oliver fan I was really excited to see she had a new book coming out. Delirium will forever be one of my favorite books and Vanishing Girls still blows me away. So when I heard about Replica and its unique concept I was immediately sold. Two books in one with different ways of reading an option? Yes please! And in the end…I really enjoyed the story. I didn’t love it as much as I did past Oliver books but I was enthralled and captivated by Lyra and Gemma’s stories. When started Replica I had two options […]

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On my Radar: Top TBR Books (and a dream book)

On my Radar: Top TBR Books (an..

As book bloggers and readers we have a ton of books. At any given time I have about 100 books I want to read at once which we all know isn’t possible. But with those 100 books I usually have a few in mind that I want to read (unless I’m in a mood reading phase). Currently I have 6 books that I have my eye on to read next, and one that I am desperate to show up on Edelweiss so I can download it and the read the crap out of it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]

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Review: The Distance from A to Z – Natalie Blitt

Review: The Distance from A to..

I have been waiting a really really long time for The Distance from A to Z to come out. I’m a huge sucker for cute contemporary romances and I was told that this was a mere book by someone that read an early copy. But as excited I was for reading it I was weary when I saw it billed as a book for Stephanie Perkins and Miranda Kenneally lovers. To me those are hard shoes to fill. Stephanie and Miranda are two of my favorite YA contemporary authors and people so I did take pause. I knew I was […]

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The Distance from A to Z – #MoreAtoZ

The Distance from A to Z ̵..

  We want more A to Z! Natalie Blitt’s debut book, The Distance from A to Z, has hit the shelves and the reviews are in. The consensus? Readers want more! They want more of the two main characters they fell in love with. Well fans you are in luck. Natalie Blitt is going to give us all exactly what we want but we have to give her something in return. What is that something? A review on Amazon (you are welcome to review anywhere else as well, but for the number to count towards the goal it much be […]

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Blog Tour: The ABCs with  Emmy from Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway and Robin too!(Giveaway)

Blog Tour: The ABCs with Emmy..

Today we have a special edition of The ABCs brought by a character in Robin Benway’s newest book Emmy & Oliver. The book is out in stores now and is fantastic! (My review is HERE). You can find out more on the book and enter the giveaway below. But now let’s welcome Emmy and Robin to the ABCs! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emmy: Accessories: Gold surfboard necklace In EMMY & OLIVER, Emmy is a great surfer who’s been keeping it a secret from her overprotective parents. I feel like not only would she absolutely love this necklace, but she could wear it without her […]

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