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Blog Tour Review: Swept Away – Michelle Dalton {Giveaway}

Blog Tour Review: Swept Away &..

  The amazing thing about a Michelle Dalton book is the ability it has to put you right in a beach side town in summer. Since reading her first book, Sixteenth Summer, she has managed to transport me to warm summer days on a beach, Cape Cod for me, and made me remember what it was like in the summer when I was younger. She has done it with every book of hers so far and Swept Away wasn’t any different. Swept Away is the story of Mandy, a girl living in a small town in Coastal Maine. Mandy is […]

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Review: Dissonance – Erica O’Rourke

Review: Dissonance – Eri..

Truthfully, I have no idea how I feel about Dissonance. In terms of full disclosure, I read this book after I read two books I had been dying for that were fantastic and nothing could live up to that. So I don’t know if my uncertain feelings are because this book was a ‘rebound’ book or if I really wasn’t as in love with it as I hoped I would be. I mean Dissonance wasn’t a bad book, but I didn’t feel like it was a great book either. The story is about Del, a girl that gets to travel […]

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Review: In Deep – Terra Elan McEvoy

Review: In Deep – Terra ..

I was excited about In Deep for a long time. McVoy has a way about her writing that shows she’s not afraid to go there. Every book you get from her is different and that’s what I appreciate about her and what I appreciated about In Deep. It wasn’t a favorite of mine but it was good and a quick read. In Deep is about Brynn, a top competitive swimmer that lives her life on discipline. She has very few friends, a deceased father and a remarried mother. She has one good friend and dislikes romantic attachments. To her all […]

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Review: The Treatment – Suzanne Young

Review: The Treatment – ..

First let me start by saying that The Program(review) was one of my favorite reads of 2013. And I know, this isn’t a huge deal since I had a bunch of books that I call my favorites. But it is a big deal. Because you know what? I almost never read The Program which would have been a travesty because then I never would have read The Treatment and I would never have gotten to know these amazing characters and the amazing story that Suzanne Young imagined for us. I would have missed out on a fabulous duology and that […]

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Review: Hopeless – Colleen Hoover

Review: Hopeless – Colle..

  I had read Colleen Hoover once in the past and it wasn’t a great experience. I was not a fan of the book so I was wary going into Hopeless. However a friend recommended it and I had wanted to read it at some point in the past so I went for it. I can say with certainty that this book was a much better reading experience than the other. The plot line, although predictable, made way more sense and didn’t make me want to roll my eyes or laugh. Basically it was a win. Hopeless is the story […]

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