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Review: The Taking – Kimberly Derting

Review: The Taking – Kim..

  This book was just greatness. So great in fact I’m not sure where to start. I guess I should start by saying that at first when I read the description, I didn’t think this book was for me. I’m not one to read and love books about aliens and alien abduction. But a fellow reading junkie was reading it and talking it up. Since I had a copy I decided to go for it. And in a word, fan-freaking-tastic! I loved loved loved this book and it has become my first 5-star read of 2014(I’ve had many since. HEHE). […]

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Review: The Treatment – Suzanne Young

Review: The Treatment – ..

First let me start by saying that The Program(review) was one of my favorite reads of 2013. And I know, this isn’t a huge deal since I had a bunch of books that I call my favorites. But it is a big deal. Because you know what? I almost never read The Program which would have been a travesty because then I never would have read The Treatment and I would never have gotten to know these amazing characters and the amazing story that Suzanne Young imagined for us. I would have missed out on a fabulous duology and that […]

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Review: The Geography of You and Me – Jennifer Smith

Review: The Geography of You a..

This book was cute. It wasn’t on the level of Smith’s other book The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, but it was better than This Is What Happy Looks Like. But although I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say I was over the moon about it. I liked Owen and Lucy a lot. They had a great vibe when they were together, but the problem was, they weren’t together all that much which made reading this loose some of the good feels. The Geography of You and Me is the story of Lucy and Owen. Lucy is a New […]

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Review: The Edge of Falling – Rebecca Serle

Review: The Edge of Falling &#..

First and foremost I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of Rebecca Serle’s other novel, her debut, When You Were Mine. I seriously loved that book to pieces and have been dying for her to publish something else. So I was super super excited when I saw her next book show up on Edelweiss as an advanced copy. I immediately requested it and thanks to some help was approved fairly quickly. And thank goodness for that because the book was fantastic! It was everything that I loved about When You Were Mine but with more. Rebecca Serle has grown as an […]

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Review: Faking Normal – Courtney Stevens

Review: Faking Normal – ..

First thing first, Faking Normal far exceeded my expectations. I obviously knew I wanted to read it as the description sounds emotional and deep and a pretty great concept of a book, and I wouldn’t have requested an advanced copy if I wasn’t interested, but even starting the book I didn’t let myself expect much. I was just rolling with it, even when the unexpected God theme popped up. But I have to tell you Stevens really did a remarkable job with telling this story of hurt and healing and I’m really excited that I read it. Faking Normal is […]

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