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Review: Into the Still Blue – Veronica Rossi

Review: Into the Still Blue &#..

Confession time…I almost didn’t read this book, the third and final in the series. I know, I know, why read the first two and not the last. Well I have to admit I just wasn’t crazy about the second book and it kind of turned me off. It was okay, but not what I had wanted/expected. With that said, when I was granted an early copy of Into the Still Blue, I knew I needed to read it so I did. Another confession…it was my absolute favorite of the three. So I guess there is that. Into the a Still […]

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Review: Heartbeat – Elizabeth Scott

Review: Heartbeat – Eliz..

I have gone back and forth on some Elizabeth Scott books in the past. The first two I read I really loved and the last one was just okay. It had been a while since I read a book by Scott and when I was trying to pick what to read over Thanksgiving a friend said you can’t go wrong with a Scott book. So I swallowed down how I felt about the last book I read by her and started Heartbeat. Actually, started and finished and cried my eyes out in a day would be more accurate. It was […]

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Review: Fault Line – Christa Desir

Review: Fault Line – Chr..

Honestly I had a major problem with Fault Line. I found the subject matter intriguing and different but in the end I had trouble with the execution. Ani and Ben were these great characters with depth but I felt everything was just on the surface with them and I never was able to get to the real emotion, to connect with them. And I can’t help but wonder if this was because the book was written from Ben’s POV when it would have benefited more having been from both POVs. Fault Line is about Ben, a high school student on the swim team destined to […]

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Review: Find Me – Romily Bernard

Review: Find Me – Romily..

When I first started reading this one I wasn’t a fan. Since it was an eGalley I thought I was missing the beginning because it just seemed to jump right into something without any background knowledge about what had happened. It made me feel like I missed something entirely. Not in a Marchetta kind of way, but more in a, “I’m missing chapters” kind of way. But since I requested it from Edelweiss I knew I needed to give it the time and attention it deserved so I pushed on. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised when all […]

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Review: fml – Shaun David Hutchinson

Review: fml – Shaun Davi..

A friend suggested this one after learning of my love for Parallel life books. When I saw it was up on Edelweiss I requested it pretty late and on a whim and was happy to be approved so quickly. Sadly though that is where most of my happiness ended because this book turned out to just be okay. I did enjoy the parallel life part and it was fun to read a parallel story from a guy’s POV, but the rest of it was just okay. FML is the story of Simon. Simon has been in love with Cassandra Castillo […]

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