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Review: The Truth About Leaving – Natalie Blitt

Review: The Truth About Leavin..

A few years back I read a book from a new debut author and I fell in live with it. So much so in fact I made a lot of people I know also read it and fall in love with it. That book was Natalie Blitt’s The Distance from A to Z. Since the I have been waiting for a new book from Natalie (I just found out about her two books published by Scholastic) to arrive and when I heard about The Truth About Leaving I was so ecstatic. And man did it live up to my over […]

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Debut Review: Just for Click – Kara McDowell

Debut Review: Just for Click &..

There is no denying we live in an internet famous world. We have YouTube and Instagram and Snap Chat. We have blogs and Facebook and Twitter. People want to make their mark and they try to become internet famous overnight. So when I read the description for Just for Clicks I immediately wanted to pick it up because we never think of the people that are brought into internet fame just because their parents are internet famous. I was intrigued by the idea and I can say happily that Kara McDowell did not let me down. This book is fantastic […]

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Debut Author Take Over – Just for Clicks by Kara McDowell

Debut Author Take Over –..

Next on my journey of Debut Books I have Kara McDowell on the blog. Her book, Just for Clicks is coming out in a little under two weeks and it is fantastic! I seriously loved this one. Since the book is about twins that are brought into the social media spotlight because of a choice from there mother Kara is sharing her inspiration behind this must read book! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve been following the same woman online for the last decade. (More than a third of my life!) I can’t decide if this is horrifying, or not. (It probably is.) Although, […]

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