Monopoly Money Monday

Another Twitter suggestion for Monopoly Money Monday came from Amy, yet another fabulous ABCer. She suggested summer accessories like shoes, hates, sunglasses and bags. Much like Wallets, I had trouble with them and they will be posted separately. But I did do three different $100 dollar boards for Flip Flops, Hats and Sunglasses.



Flippers by andiabcs featuring old navy sandals


Sunnies by andiabcs featuring printed sunglasses


Hats by andiabcs featuring a white floppy hat

Which one would you spend your $100.00 on? Or would you spend it on a combination of all three?

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Baseball Attire

It’s hard for me to describe my love of all things sports(well minus a few I just can’t get into). I wasn’t a tomboy growning up, gym class was my worst subject in school, and I despised athletic activity. But I guess living in Boston and seeing the passion everyone has for our home teams, win or lose, and the pride that comes from loving them. With that said I can tell you that I am a sports fanatic. Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots…I watch them all or follow along with ESPN on how they are doing. The Patriots are my hard core winter passion, I watched every game this season, while the Red Sox are my summer passion. One of the most celebrated days around here in winter is when those trucks leave Fenway for spring training in February. So I decided To put some cute baseball outfits together for a game with the girls, your sweetheart or maybe even just by yourself.


Baseball #1

Baseball #2

Baseball #3

What’s your sports style? Do you rock your team colors, emblem, name or do you prefer to stay more neutral?

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Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh by andiabcs featuring madewell


It’s safe to say that mint is my color of choice in the spring/summer. It’s such a fun, classic color that can be paired with so many colors that is almost seems like a neutral. Not to mention it reminds me of ice cream which is never a bad thing. Lately I have been try to grow my mint collection of clothes/accessories/nail polishes and I’ve been pretty successful. I’m not there yet but I’m getting there.

Below are some outfits idea that incorporate my personal color of the year:


Mint Wristlet

Mint Wristlet by andiabcs featuring j.crew tops

Mint Stripes

Mint Stripes by andiabcs featuring j crew t shirts

Mint Skirt

Mint Skirt by andiabcs featuring j crew

Mint Wedges

Mint Wedges by andiabcs featuring a long sleeve cardigan

How do you wear mint? What color would you pair it with?

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Prep Squad

Prep Squad

So if you know me you know I’m obsessed with all  things anchor and have a hankering for preppy items. I love a good stripe and even better Sperry and an adorable polo. With that said I thought I would put some outfits ides together for the prepster hidden inside each and everyone of us.

Errand Prep

Errand Prep by andiabcs featuring j crew

Weekend Prep

Weekend Prep by andiabcs featuring a striped dress

Work Prep

Work Prep by andiabcs featuring a denim jacket

What is your go to preppy style piece?

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Sham-Rocking Green

Most of you know that March 17th is my favorite day of the year. I absolutely love St. Patrick’s Day. There is always some kind of awesome celebration going on and I get to wear green(which actually looks good on me.). Since it falls on a Sunday this year I will have more options on what green items I can wear. Because of that and since some may even have to work, I pulled together three ways to possibly rock the green on the day of shamrocks.









What’s your St. Patrick’s Day style? Have any good plans for tomorrow?

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