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Review: The Black Key – Amy Ewing

Review: The Black Key – ..

I started on the journey of The Lone City (The Jewel, The White Rose, and The Black Key) in 2014 not really knowing what to expect. I had just gone on a binge read of The Selection series and I needed more book crack. To be honest I picked up The Jewel because of the cover. I’m not going to lie. It had a pretty dress and I just finished a series that had pretty dress covers. Thankfully it 100% worked because I fell in love with the story and the characters and the unexpected twists that lead to The […]

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Blog Tour: The Black Key – Amy Ewing (Top 10 + Giveaway)

Blog Tour: The Black Key ̵..

Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for Amy Ewing’s final book in the The Lone City trilogy, The Black Key. I have been a fan of this series (and Amy) since the beginning so I am very happy to take part in this tour and share one of Amy’s top 10 lists. I had given Amy 3 options to pick from and I must admit I’m happy she went with the one she did! Amy’s Top 10 Favorite Fictional Boys! Because fictional boys are the best. 10. Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. Yes, Aragorn is also […]

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Blog Tour: The White Rose – Amy Ewing (Giveaway)

Blog Tour: The White Rose R..

Book series worry me. You read the first book and are wowed by the addictiveness, by the story, by the characters. First books are new and different and can easily pull you in. You have the beginning of a romance, the beginning of the story, the beginning of everything. But a first books leads to a second book which can sometimes not live up to the expectations built by book one. Luckily for The White Rose that was not the case. Amy Ewing delivered and delivered it precisely. The White Rose picks up where The Jewel ended. Violet is on […]

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Review: The Jewel – Amy Ewing

Review: The Jewel – Amy ..

  What the what was that??? Holy crap I have new book crack. That was my immediate thought after I finished The Jewel. Which basically summed up my thoughts on the whole book. Simply put, I’m in love! I was first attracted to The Jewel when I saw the cover. With The Selection series “ending” I knew I was going to need a new book I was addicted to. And when I saw the dress on the cover I hoped The Jewel would fill that void. Then I read what it was about and I was intrigued. I was not […]

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