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Collection or Obsession: Anna and the French Kiss

Collection or Obsession: Anna ..

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I love Anna and the French Kiss. I know right? SHOCKING. I like never talk about that book and I like hardly read it…oh wait, never mind. You would have to never have read my blog, spoken to me, read my tweets or looked at my Goodreads to know that I love that book. I say it all the time that it is just a book that makes me feel good. It makes me happy and it makes me feel like I have just been given a huge hug. Somewhere along […]

Posted July 22, 2016 by Andi / 13 Comments
Scrap A Book (1)

Scrap A Book (1)

It is no secret that I am currently huge into paper crafts. Pocket letters, card making, flip books, post card making, all my things. But I also used to be into scrapbooking. It’s been a long time since I did one and since I’m not a huge picture taker it isn’t really in my wheelhouse anymore, but I do get inspired for my other crafty projects by it. And it has now inspired me to use it in my book world. I give you the birth of “Scrap A Book”. I started to think about scrapbooking and how it really […]

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First Reads

First Reads

There is nothing like reading a book for the first time and falling in love. You really can’t explain it but that first read through is magical. You get to know settings and people and feelings and emotions. But after you read that book for the first time you never get to experience that feeling like you did. I mean a reread is great (I’ve read Anna and the French Kiss 11 times) but that first read is…♥. I was thinking about this concept when trying to figure out a blog post and it got an idea brewing. If I […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Valentine’s Day Freebie: Favorite Couples

Top Ten Tuesday – Valent..

Valentine’s Day is Sunday so today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a Valentine’s Day freebie. Since V-Day is typically geared towards couples (yes I know the push for Galentine’s Day) I decided for today’s TTT I would do my favorite book couples. To be honest it was hard to narrow it down to this guys but I’m happy with my final picks. What Happens Next || The Program || The Score || Fangirl || My Life Next Door || Divergent || Jellicoe Road || Breathe, Annie, Breathe || I’ll Meet You There || Anna and the French Kiss Who are your […]

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If Only I Were Rich…

If Only I Were Rich…

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I find stuff randomly all day and post things that I “NEED” to own. I have a window shopping habit and I’m okay with this. But with that habit comes really truly wanting to own some of these things I find. Some are pricey, some are a dream, and some seem impossible to get/find, but I guess that is what wish lists are made of.   Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Crossbody: I love this bag so much. It is like the perfect length for a crossbody and sits on my hip […]

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