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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Want to ReRead

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday was supposed to be “Books I Will Never Read” and to be honest there are a lot of them. I know there are books I never plan to read but I didn’t feel comfortable being all negative about the world I love so much. Instead I took a different route. I decided to go with books I love so much that I want to reread them. Whether it be in audio form or with my physical copy or with an eBook, someday these books will be read again, especially the one that has been read 10 […]

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An Open “Letter” to My YA Self & a giveaway

An Open “Letter” t..

I’m very happy to take part in the fabulous feature thought up by Ginger at GReads Books where a bunch of awesome bloggers (and some authors) have written letters to themselves when they were young adults. I struggled with this a little as I’m not a huge letter writer. But as I thought about it I thought about who I am and what seemed more me than writing a letter. Anna and the French Kiss ► Trouble From the Start ► The Devil You Know ► Emmy & Oliver ► Open Road Summer And now the fun part, the giveaway. […]

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Book Collecting

Book Collecting

When I started reading I never planned to be a collector. I had always loved the books I have kept, but I didn’t have multiply copies of the same book. One was enough and it starts that way for a while. And then Anna and the French Kiss happened. It started out simple enough. I had the original Anna and the French Kiss hardcover and the original Lola and the Boy Next Door hardcover. Then I did a book exchange and got an original paperback of ANNA with the rugged edges (awesome by the way!). Perfect. I just needed Isla […]

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Love-a-Thon: Mini Challenge 3 – One Can Only Quote

Love-a-Thon: Mini Challenge 3 ..

Quotes are an amazing part of any book. Why some stand out to one reader and not another are a great mystery. Sometimes I will scan right over a quote that someone else will gush about and not know why. But we all do have our favorites. They can be about heartache or moving on or growing up. But mostly quotes about love seem to stand out the most. For this challenge we are to share our favorite quotes about friendship and love. These are mine. What are your favorites?     Allegiant/Anna and the French Kiss/The Selection

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Love-a-Thon: Mini Challenge 2 – Book Valentines

Love-a-Thon: Mini Challenge 2 ..

I didn’t think about this post for long at all. I mean there was only one person I could pick. I’ve spent 10 amazing reading experiences with him so I think I know him very well. So my Valentine is for the one and only Etienne St. Clair and these are the things I would buy him to show him my love. Who is your book Valentine?   Anna and the French Kiss

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