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Ask Again Later – Danielle at Love at First Page

Ask Again Later – Daniel..

  Next we have Danielle from Love at First Page. She selected the Ask Again Later as her gust post focus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When Andi announced that she was hosting a series about parallel/time travel books, I knew right away I wanted to feature Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas. Reading it was one of the best surprises this year, especially since it’s a debut! What sets it a part from other books in this series is the fact that it’s not paranormal. It’s 100% realistic contemporary. If you haven’t yet read Ask Again Later (what is wrong with you?), you […]

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Introduction – Parallel Time Loop

Introduction – Parallel ..

About a month ago I finished Loop by Karen Akins (review to come at the end of the month) and I was blown away. If you are my friend on Goodreads and you didn’t have Loop on you TBR list I most likely shoved it down your throat gentle nudged you to read it. I was completely crazy about it and I think a lot of you will be too. Anyway, after I was done I started to think about all of the parallel life books that I love which got me to think of the time travel books that […]

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