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Review: The Wedding Crasher – Mia Sosa

Review: The Wedding Crasher &#..

I was introduced to Mia Sosa in 2019 when a friend was talking about The Worst Best Man. My friend was talking about how amazing the book was, so I read it as soon as I could and realized how right she was. Sosa writes charming and entertaining books that you can’t help to want more. So reading The Wedding Crasher was a no brainer and I’m happy to report It had the exact same level of charm and romcom vibe as The Worst Best Man. The Wedding Crasher starts with Solange agrees to help her cousin with wedding planning […]

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Briefly Romantic(10)

Briefly Romantic(10)

Here are a few brief thoughts on some Netgalley reads: Dating Dr. Dil was a really fun book. Prem and Rina had vastly different views on relationships and love. Rina believed in love and finding her soulmate while Prem thought love marriage was an illusion that didn’t exist. They were a feisty pair of characters that fought their attraction while standing by their beliefs and I loved that. But I also loves how Rina stood up for herself and what she wanted. And I loved how Prem cared about his community and their health. They were really well rounded characters […]

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Review: Hook, Line, and Sinker – Tessa Bailey

Review: Hook, Line, and Sinker..

I distinctly remember when the romance loving book community went gaga for It Happened One Summer in the Spring of 2021. It seemed like they were all reading and gushing about that book at the same time which made me curious. Once I was able to get my hands on a copy I understood the collective love and the book pushing. Piper and Brendan where a fantastic opposites attract couple. And then I met Fox and Hannah and saw their chemistry and I needed a book of just their story. And that is exactly what I got and Hook, Line, […]

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Review: Count Your Lucky Stars – Alexandria Bellefleur

Review: Count Your Lucky Stars..

In 2021 I was browsing a book store, something I hadn’t done in a long time, and I picked up a copy of Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur. I read the back and was immediately sucked in. At the time I had no idea it was a companion in a series, I just knew I wanted it. And then I found out about Written in the Stars of I read that one first. I was immediately sucked into Bellefleur’s stories and characters. I devoured both books in like 4 days and then I waited for Count Your Lucky Stars. […]

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Mini Reviews #13 – Holiday Books 2.0

Mini Reviews #13 – Holid..

Here are a few brief thoughts on some Holiday book reads: After reading and loving 2 Tessa Bailey books this year I knew I needed to read Window Shopping when I first heard about it. It seemed like a fun Christmas story about redemption and second chances with a little dash of the movie Mannequin. And truthfully it was exactly that. What I didn’t consider was that it was a short book and with a short book comes things not getting to be fully resolved and a lot of instalove happening. Don’t get me wrong, the story was fun and […]

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