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Giveaway – ArmchairBEA (US Only) {CLOSED}

Giveaway – ArmchairBEA (..

So BEA Armchair has paused the book discussion topic for the day and has made today giveaway day. As you ABCers know, I love a good giveaway and have done quite a few here myself. And to honor today’s giveaway and hopefully the many new people that will check out this blog(what, a girl can be hopeful! HA), I have decided to do three bundles for three lucky winners! I know, crazy right?! Anyway, below are the three possible prize packs. All you have to do is live in the US, fill out the form below and for the heck […]

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Discussion Topic: Genre Fiction – BEA Armchair

Discussion Topic: Genre Fictio..

This is kind of a broad category don’t you think? I could say that I like books that have brunette girls and  then give you list of those. Actually that would be harder since it seems red heads are HUGE in YA literature at the moment. But I digress. Really I guess I’m going to look at it as a category within a category. Like for instant you have my love, YA books. In YA you can find a variety of different groups. You have the dystopians, the contemporaries, the fantasy, and the group I like to call contemporary dystopian. […]

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BEA Armchair Introduction

So this week is a big week in the book blogging world. Every year around this time there is a big gathering of book bloggers, readers, authors, publishers and the like called BEA, Book Expo America. I’ve never been able to attend, I swear one of these days, but have wanted to. However this year I’ve learned about BEA Armchair which is for bloggers that can’t actually attend BEA. Figured why not give it a try. So here is my BEA Armchair first post, introducing myself based off questions asked on the Armchair website. I was told to select five […]

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