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Scrap A Book (3)

Scrap A Book (3)

And I’m back with the 3rd edition of Scrap A Book. (You can find the other two editions HERE and HERE). When coming up with another book I wanted to do I thought back to books I love and things that have stood out to me in those books. My mind kept going back to one book that I read a long time ago but I still remember some of the descriptions and the cupcakes. Oh those cupcakes. I have never craved cupcakes more than when I read Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler. So today I give you my “scrapbook” page […]

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Quiet Books – From Favorite Authors

Quiet Books – From Favor..

I was going to do today’s Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish but we all know that is would just be a list of New Adult books and fantasy books because those are the things that were outside of my comfort zone until last year. So when I sat down to type up a post I got to thinking about a suggestion that Nicole Brinkley gave me on Twitter to talk about “Quiet Books”. I started to play with the idea in my head and though sure, I can come up with some books that aren’t […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Want to ReRead

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday was supposed to be “Books I Will Never Read” and to be honest there are a lot of them. I know there are books I never plan to read but I didn’t feel comfortable being all negative about the world I love so much. Instead I took a different route. I decided to go with books I love so much that I want to reread them. Whether it be in audio form or with my physical copy or with an eBook, someday these books will be read again, especially the one that has been read 10 […]

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16 Blogging Days of Winter – Day 8

16 Blogging Days of Winter –..

I must admit this isn’t my strongest of categories. Pictures of things that remind me of books. I know that there are a lot of books out there that make me crave certain foods while reading them. I’ve wanted Cheetos, Nerds, Slurpees, and more, but not much reminds me of books except for two things. Straight up when I read the prompt for day 8 I knew what I was using and I didn;t think a guessing game was worth it. You know me so you basically know what I would pick. Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints directly, will forever […]

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Second Chance Sunday – Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler

Second Chance Sunday – B..

Today’s Second Chance Sunday is brought to you by the wonderful Sarah Ockler and her awesome book, in a slew of many, Bittersweet. I swear this is the book  that started my love affair with cupcakes so I’m warning you all ahead of time. But seriously this book was fantastic and I thought it should be recognized since Sarah’s next fantastic book The Book of Broken Hearts comes out next week(review on the blog on Wednesday). A sunshine yellow lemon cupcake with a coconut infused marshmallow frosting.  Filled with a raspberry and blueberry jam and decorated with marzipan figure skates […]

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