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Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 – Giveaway

Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 ..

Hard to believe I wrote my first blog post 10 years ago today (Today is the date I hit publish but I have been celebrating for a week because there was a week of work that went into the blog first. HA). Technically I was blogging before starting here (I was a co-blogger with a friend), but my first official, solo post happened right HERE. It wasn’t much then, sometimes still isn’t much now, but I never saw it going for 10 years when I started yet here we are. It was a slow start. I had some connections from […]

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Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 – A Decade of Reads

Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 ..

If you have been a follower of this blog for a while you know that I love a good reread. I have reread Anna and the French Kiss and I’ll Meet You There at least once a year, sometimes more. I know there are millions of books out there that are new and that I could be reading but I find comfort in rereading. Since Andi’s ABCs is turning 10 in a week I thought it would be the perfect time to reread some of my top reads over the last 10 years with 2 that I read pre-blog. Now […]

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Celebrate Good Times…{Giveaway}

Celebrate Good Times…{Gi..

Holy crap! Today is my 6th blogiversary. 6 years of sharing my life and love of books with all of you. Seriously, where does the time go?!?! Over my past blogiversary posts (minus my 4th year as I was lazy and didn’t do one) I have talked about highlights from the past year and shared some of my favorite reads. While I did have some great highlights, I am going to skip that this year. I am going to focus on my favorite reads and on some bookish things I have coming up/planned for 2019. And make sure you scroll […]

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It’s a Celebration {giveaway}

It’s a Celebration {give..

5 years is a long time to do anything. I mean you are typically only in high school for 4 years. College is roughly 4 (although my school was 5). People sometimes don’t even last a year at a job. But for 5 years I have nurtured my little corner of the internet and have made Andi’s ABCs what it is today, my place to share my love of all things books, clothes and more recently handmade cards. Happy 5 year Blogiversary to me! In the 5 years I have been doing this (I have been doing it longer, but […]

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3 Year Blogiversary…SAY WHAT?? (giveaway)

3 Year Blogiversary…SAY ..

Holy crap…tomorrow Andi’s ABCs will be 3 years old! That is insane to me. Completely insane that I have been doing this crazy thing for 3 years. Like most I have had my ups and downs and my blogging lulls but I truly love it and that is why I’m still going strong. Make sure you read the whole thing as the giveaway is at the bottom! Highlights of 2015: A New Blog Design: In early 2015 I decided to upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress blog and to change the design of things. It took a lot of trial and […]

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