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Top Ten Tuesday – Books from Santa

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

I almost skipped this Top Ten since I didn’t actually ask for any books this year. As a blogger I have been lucky and blessed to get some of the books I want so I decided to not get even more overwhelmed by asking for much. But then I read the subject and thought, well Santa is magical. He would be able to get me books  that are still in the process of being written and ones that are months out, right? Hence I give you the magical books only Santa can get to me by the 25th of December.  […]

Posted December 23, 2014 by Andi / 9 Comments
Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Want from Santa

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

    I actually had a really hard time with this as most of the book I want don’t come out for months. I mean there are books I want to read and would love, but it’s just hard to narrow it down when thinking about the stuff yet to come. So I did a compromise with myself. Two books that come out in 2014, three books I have read and would love copies of and the rest are books I want to read and are currently out. So what are you asking Santa for on this Christmas Eve? Ho! Ho! […]

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