The ABCs #8


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C. Wonder Printed Easy Tote
I love the print of this bag. It is so fun and a nice pop to an outfit. And it would be a great work bag.

Jonathan Adler Punctuation Cover
My nickname is Andi which sometimes gets shortened to And. Need I say more?? 🙂 Most likely buying this soon if I haven’t already.

Ann Taylor Windowpane Jacquard Topper
If you haven’t noticed, I’m over winter and focusing on spring, well in terms of jackets anyway. Saw this one and fell in love. I’m so sick of my winter stuff that basically anything is a breath of fresh air and this is the top of that list.

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Monoply Money Monday – Novelty Sweaters

Novelty Sweater

This week for Monopoly Money Monday I decided to do something a little different. Instead of giving you a whole outfit or a list of books or a list on nail polishes I picked my favorite 5 novelty sweaters that are under $100.00. Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you. First, novelty sweaters are super popular right now. Basically anyone can wear them as long as you find the right one. And two, as hard as it is for me to admit, fall is around the corner and these sweaters will be needed.

And now I ask, how do you feel about novelty sweaters? Which of my picks is your favorite?

Don’t forget to enter my Last Hurrah Giveaway. Goes until 8/24 at 11pm EST.

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Monopoly Money Monday

So I threw out a question for suggestions on Twitter for more MMM* ideas and the idea of wallets was given to me by trusty ABCer Emma from Miss Print. I thought of the best way to do wallets for a MMM post and decided I would show you all options that would cost you $100 or less. This was you can decide just how you would spend your “money”.


Wallets by andiabcs featuring zip bags

Me personally, I’m going for the $100 Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet at the top. I have one of his already and it is pure LOVE! Which wallet would you spend your Monopoly Money on? Are you a go big or go home girl like me or are you leaning towards one of the cheaper ones to keep some cash in your pocket?

*FYI, MMM will be on Hiatus next week for a Blog Tour I’m taking part in for the book Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy which came out on May 7th. It will resume on 5/27.

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