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16 Blogging Days of Winter – Day 15

16 Blogging Days of Winter –..

It is very rare that a book turns into a great movie. Usually there is just too much missing and it makes it a major fail. Movie studios seem to be getting better and better at this which I applaud them for. And is the reason there are 3 movies(well 2 and hopefully 3) that are on my list for favorite book to movie adaptions. The Town: Movie/Book Catching Fire: Movie/Book Divergent: Movie/Book What book to movie adaption do you love? Link-up below and share! **16 Blogging Days of Winter List HERE ***Check Out Amanda’s blog HERE

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Second Chance Sunday – Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Second Chance Sunday – C..

Catching Fire was absolutely amazing. If I could give it 6 stars I would! Poor Katniss just can’t catch a break. She survives the first Hunger Games which is barbaric at best and is then sent home to resume a “normal” life. only her life is anything but normal. She is tormented by her thoughts and memories, by the nights she lived in the arena with little hope of survival for both her and the boy that had become so important to her. And to top it all off everyone she knows and loves is put into danger because of […]

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