JCrew Factory Lust

JCrew Factory Lust
My name is Andi and I’m a J Crew-aholic. And you know what, sorry, not sorry. I can’t help it. I love it. I love the colors and the prints and the styles and the options. I love the shoes and the shorts and how everything fits and the quality. And on occasion, I like the price. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get a really good deal on something at the J Crew store. But for those moments that you aren’t so lucky in the retail store, there is the Factory. And more often than not, something that is popular in the store in one season will end up at the factory story the next for a fraction of the price with only minor difference. So above you will see my current J Crew Factory lust list. Screams spring doesn’t it? Bet you can guess where my mind is. HA. Anyway, with these pieces in mind I created three different spring/summer styles to help break out of this winter doom. I personally love them all. Too bad me and my wallet are having a difference of opinion right now or they would all be in my closet.
So tell me my dear ABCers, what items are you lusting after to break out of this winter blah time? Anything on my list strike your fancy? Share in the comments.
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Friday’s Fancies #1

So when doing my blog reading, which I love to do, I came across a pretty awesome link-up hosted by Long Distance Loving. Since I always seem  to post something fashiony on Friday’s I thought I would try it out.

This week’s prompt was Labor Day Weekend, a weekend that we all know is now the unofficial end of summer. The days are already getting shorter, the temps in some places cooler. Before we know it our sandals will be replaced with boots and airy, light fabrics with heavy sweaters and jackets. But sadly there isn’t anything that can be done about it.  Instead we must use Labor Day weekend to wear some of those summer items for the last time…

Labor Day Weekend


What would your last days of summer outfit look like?


*Friday’s Fancies is a weekly link-up hosted by Long Distance Loving


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Monopoly Money Monday – Summer to Fall Transition

Summer Transition

Sadly it is the end of August. Soon the trees will be turning colors and the leaves will be falling off here in New England. Trust me, I hate it as much as you probably do if not more. I’m a summer baby and I like my heat. But with a chance of the season a change of wardrobe must happen(more on this on Friday). But since the weather will most likely, hopefully, not change drastically over night, you will need a transition outfit. Therefore I bring you today’s Monopoly Money Monday. Still summer appropriate for those last few warmer temps, yet just enough fall to get by.

What is your summer to fall transition look?

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Cruise Style – The Extras

So last week I told you about my cruise and my new Cruise Style Series that will be running here for the next few weeks. In that post I showed you the clothes I “would take”. Well today it is time for the extras. What are extras you ask? I like to call them the fun stuff. They are the things that can make your outfit special, things that make it you. They are the shoes, the bags, the jewelry, the sunglasses. The Accessories:

Cruise Style Extras

Perfect right? I know! HA. Just Kidding…mostly.

Come back next week to see outfits 1-3.

What do you think of the Extras?

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