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Champagne Wishes and Craft Dreams 3: The Purchases

Champagne Wishes and Craft Dre..

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I took my very first trip to Hobby Lobby this past weekend. Gail met me at the train station and we made it a crafty shopping day. We hit up Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and 2 different Michaels. I went with a budget (I didn’t spend over it!!!!) and items I wanted in mind and I would say I was 100% successful. This is my complete haul of stuff from all 4 stores and I am so happy with everything. And I got some really good deals on things too. But […]

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Champagne Wishes and Crafty Dreams 2 : Craft Supply Wishlist

Champagne Wishes and Crafty Dr..

If you follow me on my second Instagram account CardsByAndreaS you know how big into planning and crafting I have gotten.  My Pocket Letter/Flip Book posts have shown that. Anyway, I have become a bit if a craft supply shopaholic. So much in fact I made an agreement with Carrie that for 3 weeks I wouldn’t buy any craft supplies (minus adhesive since I need that) and she wouldn’t buy any lipstick. Well as of Friday at midnight our 3 weeks are up and we are both free to buy all the things we want (I’m going for another week […]

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Champagne Wishes and Crafty Room Dreams

Champagne Wishes and Crafty Ro..

About a month and a half a go one of the YouTubers from Australia that I follow because of her craft style posted a video of her craft room. Courtesy of Laura Vorlicek’s YouTube Channel I became obsessed because the room is basically perfect and everything I would want out of my own craft room. I mean what isn’t there to love about it? Seriously, tell me one thing that isn’t perfect??? Unfortunately though I don’t have the space in my apartment for something this fabulous. But man a girl can dream. And dream I do. I spend a ton […]

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