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Review: Every Last Word – Tamara Ireland Stone

Review: Every Last Word –..

When I originally finished Every Last Word I rated it 4 stars, maybe 4.5 stars. Both are excellent ratings. I’m proud to give books those ratings. But the thing about Every Last Word is that is deserves more. The more I stepped away from the book and the aftermath of finishing the more I actually loved what I read. Every feeling I had stayed with me days later. So what started as a 4 star book morphed into the rating it deserved, 5 glorious stars. Because when all is said and done Every Last Word was fantastic. Every Last Word […]

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Review: Endless – Kate Brian

Review: Endless – Kate B..

I really loved the whole concept of The Shadowlands series. Book one blew me away and I really loved book 2. So when book 3 came out I was beyond excited to see how this would all wrap up. The twist and turns in the first book kept me sitting at the end of my seat and I hoped Endless would do. And although it did at times and I think the series wrapped up things nicely, or as nicely as it could, I didn’t love it as much as I hoped. Endless is really a hard book to review […]

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Second Chance Sunday – Ditched: A Love Story by Robin Mellom

Second Chance Sunday – D..

Ditched had to be the most fun I have had reading a book since I read Lola and the Boy Next Door. The quirkiness of Justina and the relationship between her and Ian was truly enjoyable to immerse myself in. Seriously Justina was completely off her rocker and I loved every minute of it. She was exactly what all of us girls are when we like a boy and have no idea if they like us. We overreact, jump to conclusions, second guess everything and make general fools of ourselves. It is what a crush does and Mellom wrote that […]

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Review: All Our Yesterdays – Cristin Terrill

Review: All Our Yesterdays ..

Flipping fantastic is the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about All Our Yesterdays. The book was really freaking FANTATSTIC. I really can’t think of one thing that I didn’t like about this book. As a person that usually has trouble with time travel(Back to the Future series aside) I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book or if I would have my usual time travel aversion. But All Our Yesterdays is written and developed in such a way that I actually forgot there was time travel going on. It felt almost like a parallel life […]

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Second Chance Sunday – The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Second Chance Sunday – T..

Wow, wow, wow! That book was amazing in almost every meaning of the word. When I first started it I thought it was going to get boring and annoying real fast, and I have never been so happy to be wrong. The Darkest Mind was a well thought out story and I loved every minute of it. The Darkest Minds is a story about Ruby, a girl that has been forced into what is essentially a concentration camp at a very young age because of a power she possesses; she can read minds and even remove memories. In camp, she […]

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