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Review: Never Saw You Coming – Erin Hahn

Review: Never Saw You Coming &..

Erin Hahn has quickly become an auto-read author for me. When I read her first two books, You’d Be Mine and More Than Maybe, I knew anything she wrote would be an easy sell. She writes books that have heart and tackle real issues. And she especially did that with her 3rd book, Never Saw You Coming. Not only does Hahn tackle friendship and love in this book, she also tackles the complicated feelings that come with growing up and religion, and she did an amazing job doing it! Never Saw You Coming is the story of Meg, yes that […]

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Review: More Than Maybe – Erin Hahn

Review: More Than Maybe –..

Recently I read Erin Hahn’s debut You’d Be Mine and I really enjoyed it. It hit all of the notes I love in a good YA book. It had music and road trips and good friends and relationship drama. I immediately became a fan of Hahn was I was really excited to have More Than Maybe to look forward to. Another book dealing with music and family relationships? Sign me up. And I can report not only did it also hit all the notes, it hit me straight in the feels. More Than Maybe is a delightful story about Vada […]

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Review: You’d Be Mine – Erin Hahn

Review: You’d Be Mine &#..

The one thing I think YA needs more of are books that take place on the road. Whether it is a road trip or a music related story, a book on the road is always great entertainment. As a reader you get to travel with the characters and see new places and experience new things. Honestly almost every book I have read that falls into this theme has been a win and You’d Be Mine is no exception. This book was a great combination of a road trip and music story and I enjoyed every page. You’d Be Mine is […]

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