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Mini Reviews #2

Mini Reviews #2

    I liked this book, I did. I wasn’t crazy in love with it like I had wanted to be after This Song Will Save Your Life, but I liked it. Arden grew a lot in this story. She saw how she wasn’t who she thought she was and that there was more to her than expected. That was the part that I really enjoyed. What I didn’t like was the Peter part and the “stalking” him in NYC part and his reaction. Personally I found his reaction to the whole thing just odd. It didn’t make sense to […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Newest Additions to my TBR

Top Ten Tuesday – Newest..

I add a lot of books to my TBR. I mean I do want to read them all but a lot of the time I add them so I don’t forget that they interest me so my TBR can be out of hand. But for today you don’t want to know the 10 I’m most embarrassed I haven’t gotten to, or the 10 that have been on my list the longest or 10 or your favorite covers on your TBR. This was simple. My last 10 adds. Piece of cake! So tell me, what are some of the newest on […]

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