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Review: Forget Me – K. A. Harrington

Review: Forget Me – K. A..

Personally I love a good mystery book. I’ve been a fan since I was young abs read The Westing Game for the first time. I love the hints and the small clues that try to give away the end. I will admit that most that I’ve read I have figured out early, but doesn’t take my love away. So when I heard about Forget Me I was very excited. It seemed creepy and weird and totally up my alley to be filled with clues. And now that I have read Forget Me I can report that it lived up to […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books on my Kindle I’m Dying to Read

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

   My name is Andi and I have a book buying problem. When I first looked at today’s Top Ten list I though, no problem, I can easily list 10 books I’m dying to read that I don’t own, that are already out. Um, think again. Seems if I’m dying to read it I tend to go out and buy it. This is a problem. And I would like to say I’m working on this, but I’m not. I’m probably just buying more books instead. 😉 Anyway I decided to tweak today’s Top Ten to fit with something I CAN […]

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