Cruise Style – Outfits 4 to 6

Cruise Style – Outfits 4..

Next up in the Cruise Style are outfits 4 to 6. The great thing about all these pieces are the potential to dress up or down and to mix and match. Other posts:Clothes, Extras, Outfits 1-3

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Cruise Style – Outfits 1 to 3

Cruise Style – Outfits 1..

And now we get to the fun part of the Cruise Style series, the outfits. Oh man you know how much I love putting a good outfit together. Now I will warn you a head of time. Like I said I’m a notorious over packer and this series is no different. I “over packed” yet again, but I’m a girl that likes options, so deal with it. Just think if you stain something you can change or if your bathing suit isn’t dry you have one of stand by. Works right?! HA. So anyway, you saw what I was pack […]

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Cruise Style – The Extras

Cruise Style – The Extra..

So last week I told you about my cruise and my new Cruise Style Series that will be running here for the next few weeks. In that post I showed you the clothes I “would take”. Well today it is time for the extras. What are extras you ask? I like to call them the fun stuff. They are the things that can make your outfit special, things that make it you. They are the shoes, the bags, the jewelry, the sunglasses. The Accessories: Perfect right? I know! HA. Just Kidding…mostly. Come back next week to see outfits 1-3. What […]

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One Item, 3 Styles

One Item, 3 Styles

I asked you to pick one of the items above for me to style three ways. It was a very close race and it came down to a one vote difference when all was said and done. And that winning item was…drum roll please…the Heart Sweater! Thanks to all of you that took the time to vote. It was fun hearing what you wanted to see on Twitter and seeing what was the most popular. We will have to play again some time. 🙂 Without further ado, the outfits: In-between Season Love   Add Some Sparkle   Everything is Better […]

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Week of Outfits

Week of Outfits

So this week I decided to document the outfits I wore. Now not all of them are exact, but I used the products close enough, in some cases the exact ones, to recreate the look. All the color schemes are the same as are the pieces. The styles are what vary.  Looks like I wore a lot of black, gray, white and pink this week which makes sense since that is one of my FAVORITE color combinations. Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: What did you wear this week? Do you ever find yourself wearing the same color scheme all week?

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