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The ABCs with Estelle from Rather Be Reading

The ABCs with Estelle from Rat..

Welcome to The ABCs.  In the past I have used this weekly Wednesday post as a link up but times are a changing. I’m switching things up here and Estelle at Rather Be Reading is the first to come to bat! From now on I am throwing the ABCs out to you, if you are interested that is. After seeing what accessory, book and clothing item Estelle is lusting after this week you’ll see just how times are a changing. Now let’s give a warm ABCers welcome to the fabulous Estelle! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Big thanks to Andi for having me for […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books About Friendship

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

    I tried to come up with a full ten books. I really did. But as I started to think about my favorite books where the friendship is the main theme I honestly couldn’t come up with ten. There is a surprising lack of books with strong friendships. Sure there are some that aren’t on my list that do exist, but based on what I read and the fact that I was looking for the friendship to be the main theme, I could only come up with 4! Four books with friendship as the main focus?? That’s not right. With […]

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