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Briefly Romantic (13)

Briefly Romantic (13)

Here are a few brief thoughts on some romance reads: I was a fan of Falon’s debut, Lease on Love so I was really excited to read Just My Type. Second chance romance can be hard for me but Falon hit it out of the park with this one! It was sweet and touching and sexy and just amazing! Seth and Lana had the best chemistry and I didn’t want their story to end. I loved seeing them once again find that connection they had while competing in these challenges assigned to them as some kind of competition. They both […]

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Review: Like a House on Fire – Lauren McBrayer

Review: Like a House on Fire &..

Women’s fiction is not usually a genre that I gravitate towards. Not for any particular reason, just not something I reach for. But certain authors will sway me and that is what happened with Like a House on Fire. I have been a fan of Lauren Miller’s books Parallel, Free to Fall, and All Things New for years so when I heard she was writing under a new name and writing adult I was sold. This book is everything that is messy about life and it was amazing! Like a House of Fire is about Merit, a married mother of […]

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Review: The Shaadi Set-Up – Lillie Vale

Review: The Shaadi Set-Up R..

I have said it before and I will say it again, I’m not a huge fan of  book descriptions that start with…”for fans of”. I am almost always disappointed because I start comparing it to work by the authors or titles mentioned. So when I saw the description for The Shaadi Set-Up and it said the dreaded phrase, I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since it mentioned Emily Henry (who wrote a book I love so much it is making itself into my yearly reread cycle). But I picked it up and read it anyway and what I found […]

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Briefly Romantic (6)

Briefly Romantic (6)

Brothers liking the same girl can easily be a hit or miss with me. The author really has to nail it for me to buy into it because if they don’t it can come off a gross and creepy.  Mia Sosa is one of the ones that has nailed it. Lina and Max had such an unexpected chemistry that felt natural and had nothing to do with his brother, Lina’s ex-fiancé. The story definitely wasn’t perfect and it had one small head scratching moment for me, but I devoured this book and loved it. It was engaging and charming and […]

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