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Review: Grave Mercy – Robin LaFevers

Review: Grave Mercy – Ro..

I fought reading Grave Mercy. I wasn’t sold on the concept of historical fiction and assassin nuns. I kept saying, maybe someday, thinking probably never. But my plans were foiled. About 17 people told me to read it and it was gifted to me at Christmas leaving me with little to no argument. So what did I do? I read it. And what did I think about it? I loved it. Grave Mercy is an excellent book and those 17 people knew what they were talking about. Grave Mercy is about Ismae, a girl that has been treated as property […]

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Review: Zac and Mia – A. J. Betts

Review: Zac and Mia – A...

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this one. Zac and Mia was a book I was very excited about. Reading the description I thought it was something I would think was crazy good. It had all the parts I like in a good book. Dual POVs, emotions, friendship/love possibilities. So when I was finally able to read it I was pretty excited. Sadly I ended up being slightly let down and ended up feeling meh about the whole thing. Basically I was bummed out. Zac and Mia is about two teenagers that find a strange connection in a […]

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