Setting up an Edelweiss Filter

Sorry non-bloggers/non-librarians/non-booksellers, this post is not for you.

Recently, okay about 3 months ago, Edelweiss changed how their site works and functions. It was a shock and threw a lot of us for a loop. I mean the old site was hard enough to manage and figure out. Now there is a whole new system to work with.Not only that, but now when you are approved for a book you don’t even get an email notification alerting you (hint, you should long on to check that!). With all the changes I had had enough. I refused to go back to the old version, because I know they will get rid of that soon enough, and I played around and tried to learn how it works. I am no expert, but after some struggles I found the best way for me to navigate the system and it was through creating a filter.

The import part about creating a filter is to know the Vendors and Imprints that are important to you. In my example you will see I have Simon and Schuster and Harper Collins as two vendor, but the imprints is where I added a lot of different sections of the publishing world. I think the Imprints are the import part of your filter so make sure you add which ever ones you want easy access too.

Step one: Log into Edelweiss+. When you are on the home screen you will see something like the screen below. On this screen you will be able to see books you have been approved for, denied for, downloaded…you get the gist. You will also see a place that mentions filters (wording may be different since I already have a filter set). Click on this:

Step 2: You will then get a screen with a pop-up box that looks similar to this. Names your filter immediately (mine is named FAVE PUBS). This is where you will add the EDELWEISS VENDOR. IMPRINT, AGE and REVIEW COPY AVAILABILITY.  These specifications will allow you to see all the publishers you look at all at once. You will not need to dig through pages and pages to find certain pages and availability. As you can see in my example I have stuff to Young Adult books. There are options for all ages. If you read both Adult and Young Adult set up two filters and keep everything separate. Whatever is easy for you, do.

Step Three: When you are done building you filter you will see on the bottom right hand corner of the pop-up a results number (the one above says 94). Click on the phrase “Go to List” and see what books are in the filter you created.

And you should be all good. The Filter should now be saved and you should be able to look at it anytime and make your life a heck of a lot easier.

I hope this method is a help. It has definitely been one for me.

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Goodreads Tip: Adding Rereads


Every now and then I see people on Twitter looking for answers on how to get a reread to count towards their reading challenge for the year. As book nerds there are occasions when we read a book for the second time and we want it to count towards our goals for the year. After reading Anna and the French Kiss for the 3rd or 4th time I knew I had to find a way to get my rereads to count and I have.

Here are all the steps I have taken to get all my rereads to count towards my challenge goals.

1) Search for the book. Enter the name of the book in the search bar as you normally would.


2) Click on the book you have reread or will reread. Whether you are starting your reread or have finished it, you need to click on the book title of the book you have already read.


3) Click on Other Editions. This will bring up a list of options that is vital for you being able to add a different version of the same book.


4) Select the new edition you want to add. You can pick any version of the book that hasn’t been marked as read. It is important that you DO NOT click on the “Switch to This Edition”  link. That will change the version of the book you have already read to the new one you selected.GR4


5) Select “Review this edition”. After the initial book info you will see a line that says “My Review Review this edition | Switch to this edition”. You will want to click on “Review this edition”. It is important that you DO NOT click on the “Switch to This Edition”  link. That will change the version of the book you have already read to the new one you selected.GR5


6) Proceed as you normally would. You can now mark the book as read with dates, as currently reading with the reading start date, to read, whatever you need to. The new version will now show up in your Goodreads Challenge when you have finished it.GR6


And there you have it. My 6 steps to adding a reread so it counts towards your Goodreads Challenge. I hope it makes sense. If it doesn’t feel free to contact me by email, over Twitter or email me. Or just comment at the bottom.

*Click on the pictures to make them bigger.
**yes, I was searching for Shocktop Beer when I screen-capped these. 😉

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