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Top Ten Tuesday – Books on my Kindle I’m Dying to Read

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

   My name is Andi and I have a book buying problem. When I first looked at today’s Top Ten list I though, no problem, I can easily list 10 books I’m dying to read that I don’t own, that are already out. Um, think again. Seems if I’m dying to read it I tend to go out and buy it. This is a problem. And I would like to say I’m working on this, but I’m not. I’m probably just buying more books instead. 😉 Anyway I decided to tweak today’s Top Ten to fit with something I CAN […]

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What’s in My Bag? – Brandy

What’s in My Bag? –..

Last week you got to see what was in Heather’s Michael Kors bag. And now we have Brandy showing us what she toes around. 1.) Vera Bradley  Mandy bag in Lemon parfait 2.) Vera Bradley  Euro waller in Lemon parfait 3.) Neutrogena powder 4.) Hair band 5.) WV nail file 6.) Aquafina Lip Balm in Raspberry 7.) Domino (I rec’d on my last day Sr yr in HS from 1 of my favorite teachers.) 8.) Keys w/ keychains: WVU, New England Patriots, Myrtle Beach (gift from my nephew), & a picture of Me with Hinder. 9.) Vera Bradley  checkbook cover in Lemon […]

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NOOK/Kindle Book Hoarding? Part 6

NOOK/Kindle Book Hoarding? Par..

Well this is it, the last post of the NOOK/Kindle series. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been fun getting a look at what other people put on their eReaders and how much electronic hoarding goes on in other homes. I want to send a special thanks out to Amanda, Heather, Michelle, Angie, and Gail for sharing what they read with my lovely ABC readers. So for the last post in the NOOK/Kindle book series you get me. Let’s see, I became friends with myself at a very early age since I’m an only child. I did have […]

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NOOK/Kindle Book Hoarding? Part 5

NOOK/Kindle Book Hoarding? Par..

Next up in my NOOK/Kindle book series is Gail. I became friendly with Gail  on Twitter when I began blogging at Michelle’s website Galleysmith. Gail is also a blogger that blogs about a variety of things from books to movies. You can read her blog Ticket to Anywhere here. Gail uses her Kindle mostly for review books and the various Amazon deals that come up. Because of this some of her title’s aren’t visible. She has included a list of all the book titles for this reason.  Let’s give Gail a warm welcome ABCers. Kindle 1: Traced by Megan Squires, […]

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NOOK/Kindle Book Hoarding? Part 4

NOOK/Kindle Book Hoarding? Par..

Next up in the NOOK/Kindle book series is Angie. Much like Heather & Michelle, Angie and I became friends a few years ago with our mutual love of television.  We chat off and on about books, fashion and still out love of TV.  Below is Angie’s Kindle app from her iPad. As you can tell Angie likes her romance novels. 😉 Let’s give Angie a warm welcome ABCers! (click on the pictures to make bigger)   1) Head Over Heels by Sara Downing Thirty-something teacher and professional shopper Grace has a passion for shoes. In fact they were responsible for […]

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