Monopoly Money Monday

Another Twitter suggestion for Monopoly Money Monday came from Amy, yet another fabulous ABCer. She suggested summer accessories like shoes, hates, sunglasses and bags. Much like Wallets, I had trouble with them and they will be posted separately. But I did do three different $100 dollar boards for Flip Flops, Hats and Sunglasses.



Flippers by andiabcs featuring old navy sandals


Sunnies by andiabcs featuring printed sunglasses


Hats by andiabcs featuring a white floppy hat

Which one would you spend your $100.00 on? Or would you spend it on a combination of all three?

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Suprising Shoe Style

Another request was placed upon me to style some shoes that aren’t typical. The shoes sent weren’t available on Polyvore so I took the brand instead and used the shoes that were and styled them below. Now I must admit that this was a huge challenge as these shoes aren’t 100% my style. but it was also fun to see what I could come up with.


Bootie by andiabcs featuring a zipper bag

blue toe

blue toe by andiabcs featuring vintage leather bags


Velvet by andiabcs featuring rebecca minkoff

How would you style a pair of quirky shoes?

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Monopoly Money Monday

In this edition of Monopoly money Monday I have decided to spend my money on rings thanks to a suggestion from a savvy ABCer. I must admit that although I have quite a few rings(gifts from friends mostly) I tend to stick to the same couple in a rotation. I have my JCrew Anchor ring which is my current staple and my silver Silpada ring with a green mother of pearl. Those are my go to rings, but every now and then I will switch it up. Since that’s the case, I had fun spending my “bucks” on this challenge.



Lori’s Shoes loris shoes


And there you have it, 6 rings, $99.00. Not bad if I say so myself. What ring(s) would you spend your $100 on? Which of the above is your favorite?

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Interview Style

A friend has an interview next week and requested I try to pull together some interview wear. Now I must admit it has been 15 years since I had to go on an interview so I am a tad out of practice. But as the HR department at my place of business I styled looks based on what I would personally find acceptable. The main thing really to avoid when it comes to dressing for an interview is trends. You want to remain as classic as possible, but can include some interest like color and pattern and even texture. Just make sure the patter is appropriate and dress based on where you are interviewing. If you are interviewing at say, a law firm, I would be as neutral as possible. But if you are interviewing at a less professional place, definitely brighten things up a tad. Also fit is important. Whatever you do end up wearing make sure it isn’t too tight, low cut or too baggy. This is you chance to make a great first impression. If you feel good in what you have on, others will take notice.



Tall by andiabcs featuring a pencil skirt



Great thing about all those looks/items? Everything is $50.0 or under! What is you go to interview attire?

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Paper Dolls – Brights


I asked you all what you wanted me to create with my paper dolls next and although it was close, Brights won by just one vote with dresses in second place. Brights has a different definition for some when it comes to fashion. To me it is anything that can brighten up an outfit whether it be a pastel yellow or a neon pink. Below you will find four colors, 12 outfits, I consider bright.






Yellow by andiabcs featuring j crew


Blue by andiabcs featuring essie

Whether you are wearing it to work, hanging around the house to do errands, or enjoying a night out brights can bring a fun vibe to where ever you wear them. How do you where your brights? What is your go to bright color? And what would you like to see next in Paper Dolls?

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