Top Ten Tuesday – Book-ish Things You Want to Own that Aren’t Books

In all seriousness, there was one answer and one answer alone I wanted to give for this post.

{Excuse me while I wipe up my drool. But would you look at that bottom lip!!}

And then I thought, I can’t own him. He has to play Four and be cute with Shailene in all the interviews. So I settled on just staring at him (maybe for an inappropriately long time) and then got serious. I’m not one for a lot of different book items that aren’t books so I couldn’t think of much that I would want to own. As I thought I kept going to this wishlist that I have in my head and then it came to me. My top ten list for today: Ten authors I would love to meet and/or have them sign one of my books. That’s something that is book-ish without being a book. BAM! See how I did that??!! 🙂 Now I ask of you, who is on your dying to meet wishlist?

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Stephanie Perkins/Morgan Matson/Sarah Ockler/Miranda Kenneally/Trish Doller/Emery Lord/Suzanne Young/Lauren Miller/Kasie West/Jennifer Rush


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Note: I’m hopefully crossing Morgan Matson and Miranda Kenneally off this list at BEA in May!!!!!!!

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