Review: Come Back to Me – Mila Gray

Review: Come Back to Me – Mila GrayCome Back to Me by Mila Gray
Published by Simon Pulse
Published: December 8th 2015
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In this heart-wrenching tale of love and loss, a young Marine and his best friend’s sister plunge into a forbidden love affair while he’s home on leave.

When a Marine Chaplain knocks on her door, Jessa’s heart breaks—someone she loves is dead. Killed in action, but is it Riley or Kit? Her brother or her boyfriend…

Three months earlier, Marine Kit Ryan finds himself back home on leave and dangerously drawn to his best friend Riley’s sister, Jessa—the one girl he can’t have. Exhausted from fighting his feelings, Kit finally gives in, and Jessa isn’t strong enough to resist diving headfirst into a passionate relationship.

But what was just supposed to be a summer romance develops into something far greater than either of them expected. Jessa’s finally found the man of her dreams and Kit’s finally discovered there’s someone he’d sacrifice everything for.

When it’s time for Kit to redeploy, neither one is ready to say goodbye. Jessa vows to wait for him and Kit promises to come home to her. No matter what.

But as Jessa stands waiting for the Marine Chaplain to break her heart, she can’t help but feel that Kit has broken his promise…
Riley or Kit? Kit or Riley? Her brother or her boyfriend? Who’s coming home to her?

A friend had mentioned Come Back to Me as something that might interest me. After doing so research I agreed. The description is totally a me book. I am 100% a sucker for the girl falling for her brother’s best friend. It is one of my favorite troupes as it can cause so much tension but when it is right it is right. I was also really intrigued by the military aspect as that adds something else to the story since being enlisted is a huge commitment. Basically I had really high hopes for Come Back to Me, and Mila Gray delivered.

Come Back to Me is about Jessa and Kit, two people that have grown-up in each other’s orbit. Kit has been friends with Jessa’s brother for a long time and Jessa has been crushing on him ever since. But they have managed to not cross that line. That is until Kit is home on leave from the military for the month and they can no longer deny that attraction. Soon the two are in a whirlwind romance even knowing it will all end as soon as Kit has to go back. Jessa plans to wait for him until the unthinkable happens and everyone involved has to figure out what is important and just want they could stand to lose.

I have to say that the romance was very quickly paced. I figured it would be because of Jessa and Kit’s history and the month time table, but some of it went a little too fast for me as I love a good slow burn when you can feel the chemistry. That aside I loved how Come Back to Me was one of those books that started in the middle and then worked back to the beginning so you kind of knew what was going to happen without much of it being given away. That was pretty genius.

I liked the setting of this story a lot. For the beginning you get the typical home life kind of set up. Dates, lounging at home, the inside of apartments. And in the second half you get the war and military part which I am always fascinated by when reading. Gray did a good job of setting this up and showing the different lives Kit and Jessa were living and how that effected their mid space and lives.

Honestly I liked Kit a little more than Jessa. I don’t know if Jessa felt young or what it was but there was something lacking from her that I found in Kit. He had an air of experience to him that made him the more enjoyable of the two. Jessa made some bad decisions, as did Kit, but I understood Kit’s more over Jessa. With that said, I loved the two of them together better than apart. They had a great chemistry that felt organic. I did not like Jessa’s dad at all. He was probably the part that bugged me most about the whole book.

I really enjoyed Come Back to Me. It was a quick read and was interesting and kept my attention the whole time. I should have listened to my gut and not read the epilogue but I’m just pretending I didn’t. All in all this was a great book about love and friendship and responsibility and making the right choices and guilt. I look forward to reading the companion.

*I read the UK version of this book.


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Pub Date #13


Today is my turn to contribute to the fabulous feature, the brain child of Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide, where myself, Brittany, Estelle at Rather Be Reading and Maggie at Just a Couple More Pages are paring books and beer. Pretty perfect for a bunch of beer and book lovers if you ask me.


For this round of Pub Date it is all about Patriotic America. With July 4th being tomorrow it seems very fitting. Honestly it took me no time in figuring out what beer to pick but the book, that was a little harder, until I started reading it that is.


The Beer
Sam Adams Porch Rocker: Does any beer company scream America more than Samuel Adams? I think not. The brewery is around the corner from my house (no, I have never been), and they only brew this one seasonally and as a limited release. It is similar to a shandy but not as lemony. It has a crisp, clean taste and has a 4.5% ABV. If you like Sam Summer, you will like this one.

Other beer suggestions: Shocktop Lemon Shandy, Brooklyn Summer, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Variety Pack (the Ginger is AMAZING, as is the grapefruit)


The Book
Come Back to Me by Mila Gray: I just recently started this book and knew it was perfect for the theme. It is about a Marine on leave that falls for his best friend’s sister even though he shouldn’t. Eventually he has to return to active duty which complicates things. I’m only a little ways in but I love it. I was lucky enough to get a copy as a gift, but you will be able to buy it in the US in December.



And there you have my Pub Date. I will be hosting this lovely feature every few weeks and would love for you to stop by and share a pint with me…or at least tell me what you are currently enjoying. Make sure you follow along with Brittany, Estelle and Maggie too. You never know when you will find your new favorite beer.

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