Monthly TBR – June 2019

This is month three of my TBR list making. In March I tried categories and it was a bust. So when April rolled around I went back to something I haven’t done in a long time, a list of actual book titles. That seemed to work and I had a lot of success with it. Figured why not and tried it for May. May was also a success. If you don’t believe me, take a look:

Okay so it is a little deceiving since I DNFd two of the books, but I completed 8 of them and finished the long book I was reading in April. To me, this was a success and in the grand scheme of things that’s all that matters.

Since this seems to be working it is time to share my June TBR. This one is a tad different because I have two wild card categories. The reason for this is I’m hoping to get a couple of books I requested this month and if I do they will slide right into those spots. So not really wild cards since I know the titles, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. We shall see.

What do you do for a monthly TBR? Do you stick to a list or wing it? Share in the comments.

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Monthly TBR – April 2019

The past couple of months I have been trying new ways to organize my monthly reading. I guess these aren’t really new since I used to do them all the time, but they feel new because it’s been a while. In March I decided to go back to the category reading. I was somewhat successful, but I felt a little limited which was strange because the categories were broad. But it just didn’t feel right so I decided to try something else in April, something I haven’t done in a long, long time.  I took 11 titles that sounded exciting to me and decided that would be my April reading list.

*currently about half-way through We Hunt the Flames

To be honest I wasn’t sure how it would go. Like I said, I did this once, a long time ago before I became a mood reader. But I also felt like I had enough variety on my list that I could attempt it. And I knew I had more books on it than I would actually get through so I did have some choice. Was I successful? Personally, I consider it a win. So much, in fact, I am doing it again (after I finish We Hunt the Flames) in May.

What do you do for a monthly TBR? Do you stick to a list or wing it? Share in the comments.

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Monthly TBR – March 2019

Back in early March, I discussed how I was going to try and go back to a modified version of my TBR list for 2015.  It had been so long since I have done a TBR category list and I realized how out of practice I was. Things definitely didn’t go as planned for me but it was a fun exercise. Will I do it again? I’m not sure. It is possible I outgrew that style of reading. But here is what I read for each category in March:

This book ended up being a DNF. You can find out more HERE, but I wasn’t able to get past page 83.

Originally this was going to be a different book since my tour stop for Love from A to Z isn’t until the end of April, but there was a change of plans and I’m so happy I read this one early.

In truth, I could have used a few different books in this category, but this reread and March release fit perfectly.

This was an entertaining read. It was quick and fun. Nothing special, but fun nonetheless.

I started this one in February but finished in March so I’m going to say it counts. 🙂

This book happened to come in from the library and I devoured it and loved, loved, loved it. One of my favorite Christina Lauren books.

These are the two categories I didn’t hit in March. I guess I could use a few books in the Purchased category, but they fit in others so this will go unfilled.

Like I said, it was a fun exercise but I don’t know if I will do it every month.

Did you try a TRB list in March? How did it go?

*click on the book covers for more information on each book.

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Monthly TBR List: A Revisit

I have been thinking about my TBR a lot. Lauren had asked me about my TBR lists that I had done back in 2015. That led me to an old blog post of mine and to Lauren’s recent post about a TBR. It made me remember what I loved about categories since I have become a mood reader. I did this system for a year and a half and I really enjoyed myself and was able to get some books of my TBR and ensure I got blog tour and ARCs read as well. It worked for me until it didn’t.

Well, recently there was a template on Instagram stories. The template was for a follower to enter a number into your question box and then I had to post a coordinating book on my Goodreads TBR shelf that matched that number. I had 22 people play along and out of those 22 people about 18 of them ended up reminding me of books I had wanted to read that I had long forgotten about. When the question was done I realize one important thing…my TBR is neglected. I have new shiny-itis, and I need to stop and rail it in. There are so many books out that I have just forgotten about and I need to remember myself to be better.

So today, I bring you my new version of my TBR category list. My notebook (although I love it and loved flipping through it when I was creating this post) is a thing of the past. I am going to follow Lauren’s lead and do categories similar to what she is using but that are more fitting for my blogging/reading style and needs.

There will be 8 categories a month with anything over the 8 complete freebies. If I read less than 8 books, I’m looking at you February, so be it. Life happens and you deal.

New to Me: My monthly feature where I read a book some have suggested and you all vote on.
Blog Tour: Something I willingly sign-up for whether is it with a blog tour company, and author, or a publisher. Some months there may be two for this category, some months I may not need to do any.
Netgalley/Edelweiss: All the eARCs I have accumulated over the years. Spoiler alert…there are a lot
Kindle Unlimited: I subscribe to this Amazon service and I want to try and get my monies worth if I can.


TBR #: I’m going to try and read some of those long forgotten books discovered by the Instagram Stories Template
ALA/BEA: I have been to a couple BEAs and a couple ALA and have a lot of books from both. I’m going to try and read some of those long forgotten gems.
Purchased: This is the category I can get the new shiny win because it will likely be a new release and I can read it here.
Wild Card: I can pick a duplicate of any of these categories

Honestly I have no idea if this is going to work for me. I’m going to  try it for a month or two and see what happens. I could have outgrown a TBR list in the years since I stopped doing it. What I do know is I need to try and see what will work once again.

Do you have a TBR list? How do you figure out what to read every month?

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Monthly TBR Lists: Finding What’s Right

As a blogger your TBR list is basically your life line.There are thousands of books published every year and there is no way to physically read everything you want to. You have to pick and choose what to read and when to read it. You have to give books priority and put some on the back burner. It is a constant struggle every month trying to decide what to read and what can wait.

Many moons ago when I was co-blogging I used to write out a specific list for what looks I planned on reading and I would read them in that order. At the time it worked for me and saved me the trouble of having to make the hard decisions on what book to read next. I gave that up when I started blogging solo and kind of went by the seat of my pants. But times changed and my TBR list got more and more out of control so I tried again in May. I wasn’t all that successful as I only read some of the books that month.


Trying to come up with something that would work for me I noticed Gail from Ticket to Anywhere did a list but it wasn’t a strict list with titles. She decided to do categories and it was something that worked for her. By not putting a requirement on a title she gave herself the freedom to still pick a book and just have it fit in a broader grouping instead of being specific. Taking a page out of her book I gave it a go in June and it was pretty successful for me. I was able to read 8 out of 10 categories.


Still trying to figure out what worked best for me I took another course of action in July. This time I went with publishers as my category. My theorizing behind this was that I sometimes find myself not giving the attention to some publishers that I should be. I figured this would help me get that focus. Sadly it  didn’t work as well. Sure I read 8 books again but this was 8 out of 13 so I’m not sure this is the right course for me.


August I did something a little different and I combined the categories I didn’t fill in June and July to see if I could knock those out of the park. As you can see I was mildly successful. I ended up reading 9 books and finishing all the categories but I got more into New Adult books in August so I had to bend my list to fit what I read. Not ideal as I was trying to fill categories but further showed my experiment on using publishers as categories was definitely not a good one at all.


After 4 months of trial and tribulation I decided to go back to what worked best for me in June but makes things even broader and to include my new found love for New Adult books. I have a good feeling about September and the categories. I know I will be slowed down some by Queen of Shawdows release today since it is a big book, but we’ll see how it goes with the other categories.


How do you decide what to read next? Do you have a method for picking? Are you a mood reader or do you go by a strict list? Share in the comments!

*black paper notebook found HERE
*stickers (most of them) found HERE
*Foxy Dori found HERE
*white pens found HERE

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