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Fanatics – Game Day Style: Boston Red Sox

Fanatics – Game Day Styl..

There is nothing I love more than going to a Red Sox, Patriots, or Bruins game. I just love the atmosphere of a live sporting event (admittedly it is better when my teams are winning). And with every game comes Game Day Style and Fanatics is a place to help with that. Fanatics is a fabulous website where you can find all of your game day style needs. They have everything from MLB hats to jackets to sweatshirts to accessories for whatever team of your choosing. They are basically a go to place for your game day style. Boston Red […]

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Okay, okay, I’m gonna say it…I’m addicted to puffy vests. Yup, there, I said it. Honestly I can’t help it. I love how cute they are and how easy they are to style. Currently I have 2 that are my favorite and seem to be worn a lot for this winter(I like to wear them shopping as I usually get “Mall Hot”) but since we are truth telling there are two more that I desperately want(hint they are in the above picture and it isn’t the stripped one since I have that and wear it to death, my Instagram account […]

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Friday’s Fancies #5

Friday’s Fancies #5

Truth time, sometimes I hate that I can’t wear jeans to work, that that option has been taken away from me. It’s hard to come up with something new and different to wear or to remember when you wore a sweater last so you don’t look like you wear the same thing to work everyday. But then there are those days that you get an outfit idea and you can’t think of not being able to get dressed up for work. It is nothing crazy or out of the ordinary, but it is something that just clicks for you. Well […]

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Monopoly Money Monday – Summer to Fall Transition

Monopoly Money Monday – ..

Summer Transition by andiabcs featuring wedge pumps Sadly it is the end of August. Soon the trees will be turning colors and the leaves will be falling off here in New England. Trust me, I hate it as much as you probably do if not more. I’m a summer baby and I like my heat. But with a chance of the season a change of wardrobe must happen(more on this on Friday). But since the weather will most likely, hopefully, not change drastically over night, you will need a transition outfit. Therefore I bring you today’s Monopoly Money Monday. Still […]

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MMM – The 3 Cs

MMM – The 3 Cs

MMM Shorties by andiabcs featuring merona That’s right, Monopoly Money Monday is back and with it I brought you and outfit for under the $100.00 limit. Cute, comfy and casual. The 3 important Cs on the summer. Not too shabby! What do you think? Would you wear this? What would you like to see in the upcoming weeks?

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