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On My Radar – July Releases (12)

On My Radar – July Relea..

It’s finally 90 in Boston…well for today and tomorrow anyway. And with 90s in June there is only one thing on my mind…July. July is one of my favorite months of the year. It is usually the tome when the weather is great and the books released are pretty fantastic and mostly quiet. There usually aren’t a ton of hype books released in July and that’s part of the reason I love books that come out then. You can find some great gems. Currently there are 16 books on my TBR that are released in July, but I’m focusing on […]

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On My Radar – Lauren Miller (8)

On My Radar – Lauren Mil..

It is no secret that I’m a fan of Lauren Miller. I fell in love with her writing the second I started her debut novel Parallel back in March of 2013. She took a subject that I knew little about and made it readable and enjoyable. It quickly became a favorite of mine and it has been my goal to get anyone I can to read it. Parallel (currently $5.99 for Kindle) is smart and thought provoking. It makes you wonder what your life could have been like if you made one choice differently. If you went to a different […]

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On My Radar – The Program Series (7)

On My Radar – The Progra..

If there is one series I think everyone needs to read/have on their radar it is The Program series by Suzanne Young. My love for this series, and Suzanne Young, started back in 2013 only a month after The Program was released. I was completely blown away by the story and the care that Suzanne took with telling it.  It was a story that made me think and made me fall in love with a group of characters that I never expected to be so dear to me. The series isn’t written as your typical series. Each story is a […]

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On My Radar – Recently Downloaded (6)

On My Radar – Recently D..

I have been trying to be so good when it comes to requesting ARCs or downloading eGalleys. I have stuck to my “only buying Kindle books” ban since last fall which has been nice (not that I haven’t added any physical books to my collection, but I haven’t bought any). But then there was a recent drop of available books on Edelweiss and I saw all the new shiny and I just couldn’t help myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What books have you recently added to your collection? Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save […]

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Staycation Reading Report

Staycation Reading Report

Last Monday I posted about my book reading plan while I was on staycation. I knew the chances of reading all this books was slim, but I liked that I had options. As we all know though, reading plans never end up as we thought. So how did I do with my reading? Well, I think I did pretty okay…all things considered. Title: When Dimple Met Rishi Author: Sandhya Menon Thoughts: I was told this book was a me book and they were right. It really was such a great book. There were a couple of side stories that I […]

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