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Review: Gage – Sawyer Bennett

Review: Gage – Sawyer Be..

For years now I have been reading Sawyer Bennet’s hockey romances. It started with Cold Fury, then on to Arizona Vengeance and now on to the Pittsburg Titans. And I have to say after all those books and hockey guys, Gage has quickly become a favorite. He was just such a pure soul that you can’t help but love him! Gage is about veteran player Gage Heyward that had thought his hockey playing days were over. He had happily retired and was living his life. But after the accident that took the whole Titans team, Gage was asked to come […]

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Review: Stone- Sawyer Bennett

Review: Stone- Sawyer Bennett

Hockey romance books are something I will also love and gravitate too. There is something so comforting about these reads that I automatically want to read them. Especially if from an author I have read in the past like Sawyer Bennett. Basically it was a no-brainer to read Stone, the 2nd book in Bennett’s newest hockey series, Pittsburgh Titans. Stone is the brother of one of the players that died in the horrific plan crash that decimated the Titans’ hockey team (you can read more about that in Baden‘s book). Stone and his brother weren’t close when Brooks died thanks […]

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Review: Baden – Sawyer Bennett

Review: Baden – Sawyer B..

I also love when we get a new Sawyer Bennett hockey book. I was introduced to her books in 2016 and I haven’t looked back. Since then I have read all 11 Cold Fury books and 11 Arizona Vengeance books. I can’t seem to get enough. So imagine my excitement when I learned Bennett was spinning off once again and giving us a new team to get to know, Pittsburgh Titans and that she was kicking off the series with Baden. And as much as I loved the little we got of Baden in Arizona, I loved him even more […]

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Review: Riggs – Sawyer Bennett

Review: Riggs – Sawyer B..

When Riggs was first introduced in one the the Arizona Vengeance books I was intrigued by his story. Off the bat Riggs was mysterious and aloof and you could tell he had a story to share. What that story was I had no idea, but I was excited to find out. So when book 11 of the Arizona Vengeance series was announced to be Riggs I was very very happy. And after reading it I’m thrilled with what we got as fans of this hockey team. Riggs is a hockey player on the Arizona Vengeance team. He shows up, plays […]

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Review: Jett – Sawyer Bennett

Review: Jett – Sawyer Be..

I’m a HUGE hockey romance fan. I’m not sure when it started but it is one of my favorites. So after getting hooked on Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury series in 2016, it was easy to move on to the Arizona Vengeance series in 2018. So when Jett was coming out, the 10th in the series, there was no doubt I would read it. But what did surprise me was how much I enjoyed this one. I have always had a love, like relationship with all of these particular hockey players but I ended up really liking Jett, a lot. Like […]

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