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Scrap A Book (5)

Scrap A Book (5)

Today I’m bringing you my 5th and final post in my Scrap A Book series. Today’s book is super special to me. It is the first time I was a beta reader and the first time my name went into the acknowledgements of a book. It will forever be a milestone in my blogging life. This series is one of my favorites and the author is someone I am happy to call a friend. Breathe, Annie, Breathe is my favorite Miranda Kenneally book. Not only do I love Jere with everything in me, I love the struggle that Annie goes […]

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Scrap A Book (4)

Scrap A Book (4)

Today I’m bringing you my 4th edition in my 5 post series…Scrap A Book. Today’s book is one of my FAVORITES for a few years ago. I have read it multiple times and have loved it every time. It is such a great book about friendship and falling in love and finding yourself. Open Road Summer by Emery Lord was one of my favorite reads of 2014. I not only got to fall in love with Matt Finch but with Emery Lord and her fantastic story telling. Not to mention the perfect friendship depiction found in the pages. Because of […]

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Champagne Wishes and Crafty Dreams 2 : Craft Supply Wishlist

Champagne Wishes and Crafty Dr..

If you follow me on my second Instagram account CardsByAndreaS you know how big into planning and crafting I have gotten.  My Pocket Letter/Flip Book posts have shown that. Anyway, I have become a bit if a craft supply shopaholic. So much in fact I made an agreement with Carrie that for 3 weeks I wouldn’t buy any craft supplies (minus adhesive since I need that) and she wouldn’t buy any lipstick. Well as of Friday at midnight our 3 weeks are up and we are both free to buy all the things we want (I’m going for another week […]

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Champagne Wishes and Crafty Room Dreams

Champagne Wishes and Crafty Ro..

About a month and a half a go one of the YouTubers from Australia that I follow because of her craft style posted a video of her craft room. Courtesy of Laura Vorlicek’s YouTube Channel I became obsessed because the room is basically perfect and everything I would want out of my own craft room. I mean what isn’t there to love about it? Seriously, tell me one thing that isn’t perfect??? Unfortunately though I don’t have the space in my apartment for something this fabulous. But man a girl can dream. And dream I do. I spend a ton […]

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