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Review: Finale-Stephanie Garber

Review: Finale-Stephanie Garbe..

The final book in a series always, always worries me. I get so invested in the characters and the story and have an idea in my head how I want it to end. Sometimes I am let down because my idea doesn’t happen and sometimes I am blown away because it doesn’t end how I expected at all and it is utterly perfect. It never fails though, final books make me anxious but they also make me extremely excited because I get to see how it all wraps up. Since I read Caravel in 2016 I was sucked into the […]

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Review: Legendary – Stephanie Garber

Review: Legendary – Step..

When I love a series debut I tend to get nervous for the next book. Whether is is a continuous story or a companion, I worry what will happen to the people/couple I have grown to love and be invested in. It truly makes me anxious. And that feeling was strong when I started Legendary. How did I feel when I was done? Broken. I was completely broken by how amazing the book was. If I’m honest, I loved it more than Caraval and I wasn’t sure that would happen. I think what I ended up loving the most about […]

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