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Book Love – All in Pieces Paperback Release

Book Love – All in Piece..

When I fall in love with a book I fall hard. If I love it I want you to love it too. I like to get the word out for it, I like people to know it exists, I like suggesting people pick it up and read it. It’s just who I am as a reader and a book lover. Actually I’m like that with anything I love. I like to push and if I get even one person to fall the same way then I feel like I have accomplished something. That’s my goal today. About a year ago […]

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On My Radar – The Program Series (7)

On My Radar – The Progra..

If there is one series I think everyone needs to read/have on their radar it is The Program series by Suzanne Young. My love for this series, and Suzanne Young, started back in 2013 only a month after The Program was released. I was completely blown away by the story and the care that Suzanne took with telling it.  It was a story that made me think and made me fall in love with a group of characters that I never expected to be so dear to me. The series isn’t written as your typical series. Each story is a […]

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Guest Post – Riveted Lit Q&A with All in Pieces author Suzanne Young

Guest Post – Riveted Lit..

I was contacted by the wonderful people at Riveted Lit (Simon Teen) to do a really cool thing. They knew how much I loved and want to support Suzanne Young‘s newest book, All in Pieces, so they gave me the opportunity to do that by “interviewing” Suzanne for the Riveted Lit blog. It was probably the coolest thing I have done in a long time when it comes to blogging. The people at Riveted and Suzanne were fabulous and I hope to work with them again. Anyway, in case you missed it, here is the heartfelt Q&A with Suzanne. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi […]

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Review: All in Pieces – Suzanne Young

Review: All in Pieces – ..

It isn’t often that you get the privilege of reading a book that wraps you up in the story so much that you actually forget you are reading. Usually when I read I’m aware there is a book in my hand, aware I’m flipping pages on my Kindle, aware that I’m reading fiction. All in Pieces was one of those rare occasions where I forgot I was reading. I forgot that I wasn’t part of the story. I forgot it was fiction. I forgot everything but the beauty of the story Suzanne Young crafted to perfection. I can’t say enough […]

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Review: The Epidemic – Suzanne Young

Review: The Epidemic – S..

How do you review a book that puts an exclamation point on a fantastic series? Honestly, what can I really say about The Epidemic that won’t give away the whole plot of The Program and The Treatment or even The Remedy for that matter? What Suzanne Young did with this series is nothing short of perfection and I feel like I used all the words I can to tell you what I loved about each book and they all apply to The Epidemic as well. (You can find my reviews HERE, HERE and HERE). I guess what I can try […]

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