Blog Tour Guest Post: When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington{GIVEAWAY}

Today is my stop of the blog tour for Jessica Pennington’s sophomore novel, When Summer Ends (out in stores now!). For my stop on the tour, Jessica is posting the ABCs for her two main characters, Aiden and Olivia. Having already read the book (you can find my review HERE), I love what she picked for both of them. It is so spot on!

Without further ado, here are the ABCs:

Accessory: Doesn’t everyone load up their canoe with art supplies?? This summer, Aiden’s taking his art into the great outdoors, to be inspired by the beautiful landscapes and hidden spots of the Michigan beach town he calls home.

Book: Art has always been something Aiden loves, but this summer he needs it to help him in so many ways. And as he adjusts to his new reality, he’ll start looking at art like he never has before.

Clothes: Aiden has had to put away his glove since unexpectedly quitting the team on the last day of school, but he’s still rocking a baseball hat. Except this one’s for River Depot, the tourist trap his family owns along the river, where he’ll be spending his summer along with his cousin Ellis (and maybe a few new friends).


Accessory:  Who doesn’t love super cute journals from Rifle Paper Company? Olivia loves to tuck these in her bag so that she’s always ready to jot something down–whether it’s an idea for the essay contest that will snag her a dream internship, or a few lines about the cute new boy she’s sitting on the beach with.

Book: Olivia spent all of her time with her ex sitting on couches and in movie theaters, but this summer, she’s finding herself immersed in the great outdoors for the first time. And a surprising amount of her time is being spent in a canoe. Her first few trips weren’t so graceful–she needs to figure out how not to look like a total klutz with Aiden Emerson sitting right behind her.

Clothes: With a new job at River Depot, renting out canoes to tourists, indoors-inclined Olivia is feeling more than a little out of her element. All she wants is a pair of cute khaki shorts for her required uniform. Unfortunately, that’s not even close to what she gets.

Blog Tour Guest Post: When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington{GIVEAWAY}When Summer Ends: A Novel by Jessica Pennington
Published by Tor Teen
Published: April 9, 2019
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Aiden Emerson is an all-star pitcher and the all-around golden boy of Riverton. Or at least he was, before he quit the team the last day of junior year without any explanation. How could he tell people he's losing his vision at seventeen?

Straight-laced Olivia thought she had life all figured out. But when her dream internship falls apart, her estranged mother comes back into her life, and her long-time boyfriend ghosts her right before summer break, she's starting to think fate has a weird sense of humor.

Each struggling to find a new direction, Aiden and Olivia decide to live summer by chance. Every fleeting adventure and stolen kiss is as fragile as a coin flip in this heartfelt journey to love and self-discovery from the author of Love Songs & Other Lies.

About Jessica Pennington

Jessica Pennington is no stranger to the combination of love and drama. She’s a wedding planner, after all. A writer since the age of ten—when she sought publication for her poem about a tree—Jessica likes the challenge of finding the humor in a sad situation or highlighting the awkwardness in a romantic one. A serial entrepreneur with a B.A. in public relations, Jessica has a passion for grassroots marketing. She lives in a Michigan beach town, where she owns more YA novels than many teens and spends most of her time on a laptop, rather than on a beach.

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Thanks so much, Jessica for stopping by and guest posting! And thanks to Jordan at The Heart of a Book Blogger for hosting the tour!

Go out and buy When Summer Ends today!



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The ABCs – ApollyCon 2019 Edition

*This post contains an affiliate link; a small commission is earned on items purchased with no additional cost for you.

About 2 years ago I essentially retired my blog feature called, The ABCs. It had a really good run and I had a lot of fun doing it, but it was time to move on. When talking to some friends, Mary suggested maybe I do one for my visit to ApollyCon(this past weekend) and I realized what a great idea that was. So I give you, my ApollyCon edition of The ABCs. And if you are wondering more about ApollyCon, stay tuned for after the post for some bonus content and pictures.


Accessories-The great thing about book conferences is the totes you get. I have never walked away from BEA or ALA with only one tote and ApollyCon is not much different. This year I got the bag Titan pass holders received and a mini version of it at the After Party. But hands-down my favorite was this tote given to bloggers and influencers at the Berkley Romance party. This bag is so cool. It is a cross body and has an adjustable strap. Not to mention it came with 3 books in it. I love it so much!

Books-ApollyCon is one of those events where you bring all the books to get signed or buy them on site. Since I went last year I had a lot of my books signed already so my book total was down. I had 4 preorders to pick up (The Score, Brooklynaire, a mystery bag that included Four Day Fling, and Eyes on Me) and had planned to buy two books at the event book store (that sadly didn’t happen) and brought 11 books to be signed. I ended up going home with the 11 I brought, a borrowed copy of Finale, 2 books from the Berkley bag, a book Miranda Kenneally brought for me, my 4 preorders and an ARC I got at the meet and greet, Red, White, and Royal Blue. It was a pretty successful book event.

Clothes-The clothes party is a struggle for me. I honestly never know what to bring when I go on vacation. This year I did base my packing off of these Jack Rogers booties I have on(in the above photo). I just purchased them and I was in love. I ended up wearing them every day, all day for the conference. Between walking on the signing room floor, walking the National Mall in the pouring rain, walking around museums, and walking to bars and restaurants I put about 20 miles on these shoes and the never hurt me, not once. I recently became a Jack Rogers influencer (stay tuned for more on that) and am so happy I can praise these boots because they make me so happy.  If you are interested in them, here is my affiliate link. The style is called Layla. (I paid for these boots with my own money before becoming an influencer.)

Destinations-We actually had a lot of free time on this trip so we got some sight-seeing in which was nice. This time around we went to the National Portrait Gallery, the American History Museum, the Jefferson Memorial, the National Mall (in the rain and again in the sun), and the Natural History Museum to name a few places. It was a lot of fun to see some new things this time.

Event– ApollyCon is filled with a bunch of different events which is a great way to see some of your favorite authors. I  got to hang out (and in some cases meet) with some of my favorite people! Between the meet and greet, the lobby bar, the signing floor, the lobby bar, the after party, oh and did I mention the lobby bar?!?!, I had a great time hanging out with so many. This is just a sample of my favorite faces from this year.

Food-It is no secret that I am not a foodie. Taking pictures of food is not something I usually do. And I eat like a small child anyway so no one cares what my french fries look like. But we did go to a delicious dinner in Georgetown which was nice. Also went to Georgetown Cupcakes (mine was gone in like 2 bites) and Olivia’s Macrons which luckily enough Gail snagged this picture which I am borrowing.

Getting Away– Finally, I used my Away suitcase for the first time. I had purchased the bigger carry-on back in February(I think) and was really excited to use it. It fit all my stuff (books included) perfectly. I didn’t end up carrying it on the plane though. I decided to check my bag because of the books, but based on the size of the overhead compartments, even on the smaller plan home, I don’t think it would have been a problem for fit. Honestly, I am really glad I made the investment into the luggage and into the everywhere bag. If you are looking to save $20 on one, click HERE.

And there you have it, my ApollyCon ABCs in a nutshell.

Have you ever been to ApollyCon? What is your favorite thing to do in DC?


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The ABCs with Sarah from What Sarah Read 3.0

Well guys, this is is, the last schedule post for The ABCs. I had a lot of fun doing this series over the years with all of you. It has been so great seeing about people are excited about buying and creating my own. You have all made this feature what it is and I thank you for that! But like most ideas things just run their course and I think The ABCs has run its course. It won’t go away completely. I am happy to accommodate anyone that would like to do one. Feel free to contact me if you are itching to do one, are an author wanting to promote your book in a fancy way, or just want to fake shop.

And here you go, the last The ABCs with Sarah, from What Sarah Read, running the show!


Thanks so much for having me back for another installment of The ABCs, Andi. This is my third time (1,2) stopping by and I feel so honored that I’m the final guest poster to close out this fabulous feature! If you missed any of the previous posts from The ABCs make sure you go back and check them out!
I have a little bit of a theme here that was inspired both by an amazing book I just read and the fact that Spring is just around the corner! I took my initial inspiration from the gorgeous cover of Roar and picked some items that also featured that pastel watercolor vibe. As a result, my ABCs post turned out very Springy and I LOVE it!

Ever since the Make Believe in Yourself Eye and Cheek Palette was announced by the fabulous ladies on the Tarte Cosmetics Snapchat, I knew I HAD to have it. It’s part of a larger collection that was inspired by unicorns, which is totally my aesthetic so you know I HAD to buy it. I ordered this gorgeous palette literally the second it went on sale and I’m happy to report I just received it in the mail yesterday and I am in LOVE! The colors are so gorgeous and pigmented, and I cannot wait to create some pretty and soft eye looks for Spring! I may have also picked up these epic unicorn horn makeup brushes to make my collection complete. Can you blame me?

You guys…Roar by Cora Carmack is a book you NEED in your life. It’s Cora’s first venture in to the YA fantasy world and I have to say…it’s amazing! Without giving too much away, Roar follows the adventures of Princess Aurora as she breaks away from a world she always known and takes a chance on what she feels in her heart to be true. There’s so much world-building, an amazing magic system and some serious swoons which checks off all the boxes I love about a fantasy novel. Make sure you add it to your Goodreads shelf today!

There’s nothing I love more than a great sweatshirt, and even more than that, a sweatshirt than I can wear out and about without feeling like a big slob! This Reveries Printed Sweatshirt from Anthropologie is so gorgeous and I love the stylized finish of the sleeves. That simple little detail takes it from running errands to grabbing brunch with your besties.


Thanks Sarah for being the last guest post for this feature!

Now on to the next feature…when I figure out what that is.

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The ABCs with Jenefer

Welcome to The ABCs where you can see what accessory, book and clothing item others are lusting after!

Today on The ABCS we have Jenefer showing off an accessory, book and clothing item of choice.

Let’s give Jenefer a warm ABCs welcome:


AccessoryHarry Potter Leather Book Purse
This bag is amazing. My love for the Harry Potter series knows no bounds. I want this in the largest size and in black. I love that they are offered with some variety and that you can have the company custom make a bag. It has around a two month plus wait time since they make them as you order and it’s coming from Russia. They also have an Etsy store.

BookAlex & Eliza: A Love Story by Melissa de la Cruz
I am such Hamiltrash and I am DYING to get my hands on this book ASAP. I enjoy Melissa De La Cruz’s books so I am sure I will enjoy it!

ClothesBookcase Print Marnie Swing Skirt
This beautiful bookish skirt is perfection! I have been looking for a bookish dress for months and I happened to stumble upon this by accident. It fits the bill and is part of their Beauty and the Beast collection. I am ordering it this weekend!


And there you have Jenefer’s ABCs!

I hope you enjoyed!



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The ABCs with Madalyn from Novel Ink

Welcome to The ABCs where you can see what accessory, book and clothing item others are lusting after!

Today on The ABCS we have Madalyn from Novel Ink  showing off an accessory, book and clothing item of choice.

Let’s give Madalyn a way ABCs welcome:


Accessory: Bronze Emerald Necklace from Adam Rabbit
I own a bunch of Adam Rabbit pieces (a boutique I used to work in carried their stuff), and I love them. I’m really into crystal jewelry, and this necklace incorporates my favorite color in the world– emerald green.

Book: The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro
I read A Study in Charlotte at the beginning of this year and enjoyed it, so I hope to get my hands on this sequel soon! Plus, how gorgeous are the covers of this series?

Clothing item: “Chill with that Misogyny” shirt from GreenBoxShop
I NEED this shirt in my life. Love the sentiment, love the light pink color. I think this would look so cute with light-wash, highwaisted jeans and a black cardigan.


And there you have Madalyn’s ABCs!

I hope you enjoyed!


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